Meeting April 2, 2014

Dear Community,

We were unable to secure a guest speaker for the month of April. Therefore, we invite you to an open forum discussion. The “mic” is open to everyone who has a passion for sustainable living. We will call for topics at 6:30 and open the “mic” to YOU!

This could prove quite fun and enlightening. You can share your knowledge, ask burning questions to have others answer, or even show-and-tell your own reliance.


Open-Forum-Open Mic

begins at 6:30 at the Graham Fire Hall on 70th Ave.

Free to good home


A fellow member has to get rid of his Tom Turkey before the dog eats it. Please help him by taking over care of this fast runner (hence the blurred pictures).

If interested, please call Jim at 253-359-0554

March Meeting Notice


Join us on March 5, 2014 for an evening of BREAD.

from raw grain… through the grinding process… easily kneed it…fresh into YOUR mouth.

We will walk you through the bread making process.

Do you need gluten free products? No problem! Stop reading labels in the grocery store, make your own. Find the recipe that works best for your body type, schedule, an taste buds.

6:30 at the Graham Firehouse Headquarters (23014 70th Ave E).


We are looking for vendors and entertainers!

Sell, Buy, Learn…

Open Market copy

at Bethel Learning Center

21818 38th Ave. E. Spanaway

3 Saturdays: May 11, 2013, Aug 10, 2013, Nov 9, 2013- 9am-3pm

If you would like to be a vendor or provide entertainment (NO FEES ARE PAID to perform — Volunteers only)

EMail: or

Mail: 10806 240th St. E. Graham, WA 98338

Let us know which dates you would be interested in and please fill in the form below and return by MAY 1, 2013. You can  select, copy, and paste the info, or print (for mail-in).



(Signature)  if email-just type in name                                  (Date)

Name/Farm/Organization (print)                                                                                       


City:                                                                                         Zip:                                                    

Contact Person:                                                                                                                           

Phone: _______________________________

Email: ____________________________________________

What will be presented at your booth?                                                                     



If you are an entertainer will you need electricity?   Yes____   No____


Market goal: Expand the opportunity for people in the community to sell their produce, flowers, plants, meat, value-added farm foods, etc. plus encourage Cottage Industry Products such as hand-made furniture, rugs, soap, natural home cleaning products, herbal tinctures/salves, dolls, art, stationary, toys, bird feeders.  Local professionals, businesses and home-based businesses are also welcome.  The Open Market is all-inclusive with a focus on growing, making, and producing local products to strengthen our local economy and communities, along with an emphasis on training, learning and mentoring.  There will also be a Corner Market where you can drop off products to be sold in exchange for 10% of proceeds.

Fees & Info.: $40 booth inside, $30 Non-Profit and scholarships available if teaching or mentoring. Two tables: @6′x3′ available but please bring chairs & other items for setup. Other booth size needed:____ Setup is at 7:30am. Additional $10 charge for space greater than  10′x10′ and $5 for electricity (plus bring heavy duty ex. Cord). Food Vendors must have a Pierce County Food Handler’s Permit & Temporary Food Service Permit on display. All cooking areas MUST be equipped with a Fire Extinguisher.

Graham/Kapowsin Community Council

For more information please contact Carol Wright: Phone 253-279-3071

Graham – Kapowsin Community Council-Providing resources in our area that you may have not known about.

Graham – Kapowsin Community Council

“We enhance our educational and community activities by developing a path that enables people to make positive choices through individualized attention, motivation and guidance in a professional and caring environment.”

  • Forums regarding community issues
  • Community coordination
  • Community get togethers
  • All ages Dances
  • Music Events, Understanding other Cultures
  • Special community-oriented events
  • Community Parent Resource:
  • Parent to Parent Power for Asian parent’s of children with disabilities
  • GCLC-sponsored speakers bureau
  • Fund raisers
  • Age-related activities for at-risk youth and the elderly
  • Living With A Chronic Condition
  • Outreach
  • Computer Classes: Hardware, Software and Troubleshooting
  • Classes are in partnership with Bethel Schools
  • Tentatively planned coursework
  • Computer Science
  • Energy Technology
  • ISO 9000 Quality Systems Management
  • Stress Management
  • Couples Communication
  • Credit courses pending through CPTC and PCC
  • Non-credit “free university” courses
  • Salsa Dancing
  • Small Engine Repair and Maintenance
  • Speed Dating
  • How to Prepare and Present Sushi
  • Clowning Around
  • Christian Counseling 136th and Meridian So. ( 253 848 1889 )
  • Anger and Stress Management
  • Grief and loss counseling
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Anger management
  • Eating Disorders
  • Life Transitions
  • Drug and alcohol
  • Autism, Tourettes, and Learning Disorders
  • Christian-based and spiritually-oriented counseling
  • Group, individual, couples, and family counseling
  • Children, youth, and adult counseling
  • And much, much more

You can always find a link to the G-K CC under Graham Area Resources on the left-hand side of this page.

“Build a Ventilated Cold Frame For Winter Vegetables”

This is an interesting article brought to my attention by Karelina R.

“Build a Ventilated Cold Frame For Winter Vegetables”

“This spin on a homemade cold frame is ideal for winter lettuce, carrots, beets and more. Learn how to build a cold frame and more about the benefits.”

“For most of us, the onset of winter means the end of freshly harvested garden produce — and I used to hate that! Though I’ve never been able to afford a greenhouse, I’ve always felt that I somehow had a right to homegrown salads all year round. Furthermore, I knew that when sun strikes dark soil, it heats up the earth and the air immediately above it. So, all I really needed (I decided) was a structure that would let in the rain and sun, shelter my plants from blasts of cold air and allow enough ventilation to prevent the molds, diseases, sour soil and moss so common to greenhouses. Of course, my invention also had to be inexpensive, easy-to-build, sturdy enough to stand up against strong winter winds, and able to coexist with the four-foot-wide, fertile beds that I’d religiously composted for five years.”

Read more:



“OFF-GRID-free yourself”

This was posted on Facebook today and I thought it was something I would like to share with the SRC group. Thanks, Holly

“Off-Grid reports on the people, technologies, events and influences throughout the global off-grid community. The Landbuddy section helps you find others to go off-grid with and the free classifieds are full of ads for off the grid real estate. The Off-Grid101 section is packed with basic information from the right kind of solar cooker to how to gather rainwater.”
“With daily news stories and a busy forum, is an indispensible part of daily routine for many off-gridders.”

Looking for your own piece of heaven?


How it works:

1. You  want to go off-grid
  Want to help/get involved  
  Offer land/already off-grid
 2. Post a listing  
tell others where you are and what you are offering or looking for
 3. Get responses  
use our blog system to receive and send messages
 4. Have a chat
on the forum, and see what happens…  

So go ahead   post a listing…