1/29/2009 e-mail from Wayne

The First Wednesday meeting of Self Reliant Community will be at Rainier View Montessori Academy, where our Community Garden is. It will start at 6:30. No food so grab a bite before coming. Kelda will show the film on Permaculture.  You should be able to learn some new tricks in the area of growing food in a cold, wet, northwest climate. Sepp Holzer, who will speak at Northwest Trek later this year, is the guy who grows food in the mountains of the Alps in that film.

At this meeting, we need to set up a little treasury, and budget plan, as Bruce L****** was kind enough to donate a part of his unused campaign funds to our group through Carol W*****.
Also time to plan for opening the Community Garden, spreading topsoil, painting, etc. Work party.

Our new website, thanks to Holly, can be visited at:
selfreliantcommunity.wordpress.com .You can put in your own comments, suggestions, etc., here. It could become a communication tool for all of us.

The first 7 tasks class, on greenhouse construction, will begin in March, probably at Montessori Academy. Jay may be able to obtain old plastic bus windows, which would be nice to design a greenhouse around. Need someone-or-two, to “teach” this class, and others to spread the word. Think how best to reasonably purchase effective outreach for classes, gardens, and SRC in general.

Anuttama has some exciting news about wheat. We will want to discuss wheat (and racing pigeons).

Can you think of a creative way to use a free door from Joyce M******? She has a couple outside solid core doors, and two mirrored doors, and some regular inside doors.

Feb. 7th, Saturday, at 9:30, we meet again at John and Marilyn’s barn to create motels for mason bees. Contact Wayne for the address. Be there with a corded drill motor and 5/16 drill. Bring a friend.

Questions: Call me at 847-4614

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