Sunday Hike-Canceled and update on Barb

Thought I would send this general update to all of you. I phoned those that might have gone on the Sunday hike – now canceled.
My wife’s immediate emergency was an increasingly difficult breathing – pretty scary. No other pains or numbness associated usually with heart problems.
Reason: Artery in rear of heart plugged up 100%. Liquid then forced by heart into lungs, filling them rapidly…Pulmonary Edema. EMTs did great job, and when they got her to Good Sam, she said they were tearing down the hall with the gurney just like in the movies. Only when they were able to get her lungs pumping air again, were they able to take pictures and determine the blockages. Then they put two stints in that posterior artery by threading it up through the major artery from the groin to the heart. A front artery is blocked also, and tomorrow (Friday) morning they will probably put a stint in to open that up, too. Then they will send her home Saturday, 25th, if all goes well.
A complicating factor is that they discovered she has diabetes, and will need to take insulin shots, and change dietary habits. A lot of classes to go to, and big changes in lifestyle. No more doughnuts!!! No more other good stuff!!
Since her son’s wedding is August 28th, in California, she will, by that time, be “over the hump” on this emergency and probably feel better than she has felt in years, or so I hope. It can be seen as a blessing that it did happen now, giving her a very frightening but necessary portal into a new life of better health and slower pace. I will be right along with her on this as the changes and classes they recommend for her would be equally useful for me.
Thank you from us both for your concern and offers of help. I might yet take you up on it. Things don’t get done when you’re sitting on a chair in the hospital all day! So far, I’ve been able to water at home, Dennis is watering the church garden, and Kamille may be watering the community garden.
When this happened, I had just arranged with Jay Allison, of the Hilltop area, to visit Alonzo Mim, war veteran, who has a farm in Kapowsin that can provide veggies for a new Hilltop farmer’s market, but Mim has bad hips and needs help tending those crops. I’ll try to get them to the meeting at Budd’s, First Wednesday, the 5th, at 6:30.


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