Info and Links from our November meeting

I wanted to include a couple of links about things we talked about during the meeting.

However, I could not find the link to the South Sound Seed Savers but did find these interesting sites.

Seed Savers Exchange and International Seed Saving Institute

We also discussed growing grains (wheat specifically) and I wanted to include the link to Bountiful Garderns and the link to their booklets on growing your own grains. They also have books on Seed Saving and many other topics. It is a great site to look around and get some new information!

While I have your attention I would like to ask you all if you would like to have your business listed on this site. It would be great to patronize our members and support them. Send me an email if you would like to be listed. Put “business card” in the subject line and include info that you would like listed. Maybe a couple of lines about your business too plus email and phone contact, etc.  I got a couple of business cards at the last meeting and it dawned on me (light bulb-ding!) that this would help us all. Remember that I also have the website where you can list your skills and items (new and used) that you would like to trade, sell, or give-away.

I also wanted to share with you some information on the Findhorn Gardens. Maybe you have heard of this famous garden that was established in the 60’s. If so, it is nice to be reminded and inspired again!

For more information go to

Our next meeting will be held at Jim L.’s home on Dec. 2nd. It will be a potluck to celebrate whatever (Christmas, the coming new year, winter, etc.) you want to celebrate! Bring a favorite food ;o) and let’s just have some fun. We will also be celebrating our newest SRC members (or soon to be) Yumi and Deej’s new son and Tracy and Treavor’s expected baby. I say “indoctrinate them while they are young-ha!” See you there.


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