December’s meeting notes

From Wayne’s email 12/08/09:
At the meeting at Jim L’s house, I passed out the grain booklets to those who had ordered and paid for them. One was left over, meaning that it belongs to someone who couldn’t make it to the meeting…and I have misplaced that list so must apologize and ask that person to phone me at 847-4614 and let me know. Meanwhile, I gave that extra booklet to Margaret F. and she will pay for another one on the next order. If you think you would like to order one, for $8 including shipping, then get that $8 to me before Monday. I will plan on mailing the order on Monday. Those lapel clip-on badges were also passed out, and I will deliver or mail the remainder to you this week. Let me know if I missed anyone.

At the meeting at Jim’s on Dec. 2nd, people brought some delicious foods, and Holly brought a nice cake to honor Traci’s baby, due March 22nd, and Deej and Yumi’s new baby, named King. We also mentioned the grain grinder and I still want to go up to the Kent area to photograph it and hope one of you might like to join me.

Then David Mitman gave his presentation about saving seeds. I made a few notes, that only reflect a little of all that he told us. One has to know a little about genus and species. Seeds need to be cleaned, then dried on a hard surface like a cookie sheet and stored in a cool, dry, dark place. Pumpkin seeds can only be mature enough to collect three weeks after the pumpkin starts to rot, whereas melon seeds are mature enough when the melon is ripe enough to eat. Use open-pollinated seeds, never GMO (H added: genetically modified organism). Hybrids are okay if you know they may not grow “true”. Don’t plant too deep. The nutritive coating may be used up before the seedling finds daylight, and it will die. Planting depth rule of thumb is 4 times the length of the seed. If you open the seed and look through magnification, you will see a tiny version of the actual plant, leaves, roots, and stem. When planting seeds, know the separation distances. Separate two types of corn by two miles, tomatoes-10 ft., etc.
Too much to remember in that short meeting, so sign up for the Seed Steward’s course at the community center in Yelm, once each month, starting on JANUARY 11TH, and each second Tuesday after that throughout the year.
Email to find out more and sign up. We need seed saver teachers in Graham.

One more thing. Effective October 9th, 2009, Ecology released a legal interpretation of laws relating to rainwater collection barrels. “the on-site storage and /or beneficial use of rooftop…collected rainwater is not subject to the permit process…”. Our rain barrels are now clearly legal.

Remember that our next First Wednesday meeting in January will be at William and Anuttama Budd’s home, and our agenda will be an organized, place-to-place tour and explanation of each of their several self-sufficiency projects. THANK YOU to William and Anuttama!

Holly added: This is the website link for the South Sound Seed Stewards. I have  included several email addresses that you can contact them at: but David recommended that using this one-  would probably be better and get a faster response.  

I also wanted to mention that the cost is only $55 for the seed class and this includes the cost of  the text book  SEED TO SEED (link to Amazon to take a look)

The Country Living Expo and Cattlemen’s Winter School was also mentioned and you can get more information and/or register here.

A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who participated in our “potluck”. Jim’s house was decorated so nicely and put everyone in the festive mood!  If  I don’t see some of you before Christmas and the New Year please have a happy, peaceful holiday. Holly

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