Wayne’s email-Jan 8th

Several of you plan to attend the important seed-saving course each second
Monday of the month, in Yelm, starting January 11th.  Check
S4@rainierconnect.com for details.  ADDITIONALLY, this email Provides
information on a valuable Permaculture course from February to September.
Lots to learn, since Permaculture is not just a way of growing stuff, but a
whole new mindset about your use of your space on this planet.  Someone
said, “If you’re not living on the edge, you’re taking up too much space”.
In that case, the tuition may not be all that high, in comparison.
        A Wonderful Self Reliant Meeting at Budd’s Wednesday!  I’ll share in
a following email, no time now.  May I bring the calabash bowl William made
from Hawaiian canoe wood to each meeting as a symbol of community?

—–Original Message—–
From: Benedict, Chris [mailto:chrisbenedict@wsu.edu]
Sent: Friday, January 08, 2010 7:01 AM
To: Connecting the local farm market in Pierce county
Subject: Fwd: Divine Earth projects in 2010

In this email:
*Tacoma Permaculture Design Course, with associated events
*Vashon Permaculture Design Course
*Sustainable Urban Living workshops with WE-Design
Announcing Tacoma’s first Permaculture Design Course!

Feb-Sept 2010. Come learn practical tools for garden, home, and
communities! Permaculture is a design system of self-reliant skills  
for sustainable human habitat. Participants will learn to model from  
nature and organize by realistic priorities. Taught by a handful of local
permaculture designers and sustainable-skills experts.

* Perennial Gardens
* Food Forests
* Water Stewardship
* Habitat Restoration
* Primitive Skills
* Appropriate Tech
* Natural Building
* Sustainable City Design
* Localized Economies,
* and much more

Come join the growing movement of Permaculture enthusiasts who are
creating abundant green spaces throughout Tacoma. Participants of this
course will receive a Permaculture Design Certificate. Kelda Miller is the lead teacher and guest speakers are listed on the website.

When: One weekend a month Feb-Sept, including Friday night presentations.
2/20-21, 3/13-14, 4/17-18, 5/8-9, 6/19-20, 7/17-18, 8/21-22, 9/11-12

Where: Kings’ Books and Tacoma Waldorf School, plus many other sites
around Tacoma

Cost: $800-$650, includes over 100 hours of classtime, catered  
lunches,  course handbook, field trips, etc.

See flyer and details at http://www.divinearthgp.com/?page_id=360
For more info and to register, contact Patricia Menzies 253-565-2599  
or sustainabletacomapierce@gmail.com
Additional classes associated with the Tacoma Course:

*FREE Tacoma Workshop
Thursday, Jan 28th, 6:30-9pm, Evergreen-Tacoma Campus, 1210 6th Ave  
“What on Earth is Permaculture? An introduction to sustainable human  
habitats in Tacoma and around the world”
The evening includes
*Descriptions & history of the ‘Permaculture’ concept
*Slideshow of community projects worldwide
*Slideshow and summary of permaculture projects in Tacoma
*Stories from within the local movement
*Envisioning the future of a more sustainable Tacoma
*Seed Exchange
*Information about the upcoming Tacoma Permaculture Design Course,
along with introductions to teachers and guest presenters who will be
participating in the course.
*Friday Evening Lectures, Open to the Public
Kings Book’s 218 St. Helens Ave   $10-$5 Sliding Scale
These lectures are part of the Permaculture Design Course, but
are open to non-students to attend.
Details to be posted at http://www.divinearthgp.com/?page_id=397
*Feb 19th
*March 12th
*April 16th
*May 6th
*June 18th
*July 16th
*Aug 20th
*Sept 10th
Vashon Permaculture Design Certification (PDC) Course
6 weekends: April 3/4, 10/11, 24/25, May 15/16, 22/23, June 5/6

Instructors: Emet Degirmenci, Kelda Miller
Guest speakers: Michael Pilarski, Larry Korn, Jenny Pell, Deston
Denniston, Mark Musick, Dan Bentler + some Vashon experts.

Permaculture is an ecological design system which integrates  
elements of a  sustainable human habitat. The design system is based on three core ethics: Earth Care, People Care and Fair Share. Permaculture uses  principles learned from nature and applies them to sustainable
agriculture, habitat restoration, water stewardship, energy use, local
economics, food systems, community building and more…

This Permaculture Design Course (PDC) will help you redesign your  
own life as well as help communities create a world grounded in sustainable
practices. Through re-localizing we invent a vibrant earth culture with
meaningful philosophy and practices. We find a way forward that is inspired by our collective ancient roots.
The course uses a variety of educational venues and formats-  
including for lectures, discussions, demonstrations, team design work, hands-on activities, presentations by permaculture experts, and tours of local gardens/farms.
The curriculum demonstrates how human beings integrate ethically,
holistically, and dynamically into natural ecosystems which are continuously evolving. Some of these topics include:
*permaculture philosophy, ethics, principles
*reading the landscape & recognizing patterns
*catching, storing, and using rainwater & graywater
*bioremediation & soil building
*healthy home, natural building & retrofitting
*disaster preparedness
*how to integrate small and big animals
*renewable energy & appropriate technologies
*climate justice, transportation and sustainability
*local food production & food sovereignty
*sustainable local economics
*inclusiveness, social sustainability, community building & dealing  with
conflicts *rural & urban applications of permaculture
Vashon Cohousing (http://www.vashoncohousing.org/) which is located  
next to an organic collective farm. At this venue we have an opportunity to
implement projects in a community environment.

$ 800 covers tuition for the full course, course manual & DVD, lunch, site
visits, and afternoon teas.

More info:
Resources such as preparation tips, lodging info, teacher bios,  curriculum
outline, and refund policy are available on request.

Registration/Contact: Emet (206)463-0729 or email: koru.ora@gmail.com
Sustainable Urban Living Workshops
Taught by Michael Lockman of WE-Design and organized by Kelda Miller
Participants will learn how to apply principles of sustainable design and
permaculture to their home and garden. Workshop time will be split  evenly
between learning and design in the classroom and installing elements of a
sustainable home ecosystem.

Topics to be covered:
*principles of sustainable land-use design and permaculture
*creating a kitchen garden
*building and planting an herb spiral
*growing your own edibles
*attracting wildlife
*catching and using rainwater
*raising chickens
*installing drip irrigation
*building simple greenhouse structure
*building passive solar elements in the home
Workshop will be repeated in three different Seattle locations.
First class will be March 20-21 in Seward Park
More info to be posted soon at www.we-design.net

Cost: $250 for the weekend (lunch can be included for a small fee)
Contact: Kelda 253-370-9946, kelda@riseup.net
Register online at www.we-design.net


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