Meeting for Feb 3rd

Wayne’s email-

Please welcome Carrie Sikorsky to our February meeting next Wednesday, Feb. 3rd, at 6:30, at the Rainier View Montessori Academy, 9716 – 224th.

As Farmbudsman for Pierce County and an advocate for local agriculture, Carrie has been a friend of Self Reliant Community and on our mailing list for years.

Recent budget cuts ended her position, but she was transferred to Planning and Land Use as a community liaison and educator.  In that role, she will help us understand how the “rules and regs” might apply to some of our goals and activities, and answer questions.  Does William’s greenhouse really need a permit?


  1. Wayne will bring a dessert for us to celebrate (and wish farewell) poet Tom McNiel, moving.  We will sing his “Self Reliant Living” song.
  2. Report and pictures from Brad and Wayne of the Manna Mills grain mill & threshing info. 
  3. Report of Terry’s reply to Saturday use of his “store front” for outreach.
  4. Feb. 6th, Saturday, 9:30 am, Garden work party.
  5. Draw blade shaving bench shown by Jerry.
  6. Request for membership chairman.
  7. Request (again) & meeting date for SRC booklet.
  8. Any announcements from members.

CARRIE SIKORSKY, presentation & questions. 

Try to leave by 8:30.  We have 15 chairs, so you might like to bring your own comfy seat.

 Thank you, Kimille Douglass, of RVMA, for providing our meeting space.

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