Meeting follow-up information

OK, this is about the forth time I have tried to create this post. I am apparently having some issues with my computer. Right about now pencil and paper are looking pretty good!

Our guest speaker was Farm Budsman Carrie Sikorski from the Planning and Land Services of Pierce County. We talked about wetlands, building permits, and the application process. For more information on this:

Small Farm and Direct Marketing Handbook: Regulations and Strategies for Farm Businesses in Washington State

We said goodbye to our friend Tom-he is moving down to Lacey. He brought us smiles and joy with his poetry.

He wrote our “SELF RELIANT LIVING Theme Song” (you can access it on the right).

The picture below is a model that Jerry made of his shaving bench. You sit on one end and apply leverage to whatever you want to hold in place (he has a small log)  by applying pressure with your feet on the bar underneath. This is a great tool to use for sanding, shaving, and carving.

Deej also brought his wooden spatula that he made to replace his nylon one that he has had for 10-15 years. He noticed that the top of his teflon-safe spatula has been worn away by at least 1/4 inch and wondered where it all ended up.  You can probably guess. This inspired him to get creative!

While we are in our show and tell mood I also want you to see the new gavel our illustious leader now has. Jerry made it for Wayne, I assume using his new shaving bench.

We also have a new “community sharing” bowl that was carved by Billy. I will put a few pics of it when I get them and the story behind it. All I can say is it must have been a big wood carving season-ha!

I shared some info on the fast-growing PULOWNIAS  TREE ( a.k.a. Royal Empress Tree). It can regenerate seven times from one stump. It is also one of the biggest  oxygen producers, it can be used for lumber (hardwood) in 7 to 10 years, and it has a high protein (21%) content for use as fodder for livestock. Great tree!

A book that was brought to our attention is the Maritime Northwest Garden Guide. I think it is now out of print but I found some links that you  could purchase one from.


Last but not least-if anyone is interested in learning more about

Graham Citizens Action Team Growth Management please contact Art at home: 253-847-3677  or cell: 253-691-1950.

The next meeting will be on the 18 of February at the fire station on 70th Ave.

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