Carrie Sikorski E-mail 02/09/10

I sure enjoyed my evening with your group.  What a great enterprise you all have going out there!  I want to send you links to some of the information we covered.  There is a lot of information on the PC Planning and Land Services website, found at .  You can lookup online parcel information about your properties and you can also download the handouts I brought to the meeting:

Bulletin #8 – Work Exempt from Permit

Bulletin #10 – Exempt Remodels

Bulletin #3 – Storage Accessory Building

Bulletin #25 – Home Occupations/Cottage Industries

Bulletin #66 – Building Amnesty Program

The PALS Development Center lobby is open for drop in service from 8:00 to 4:30 Monday through Friday, but at this time the land use planners are only available on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings.  The location is 2401 S 35th Street in Tacoma, which is just north of Costco and the Tacoma Mall. 

The I think many of you will also find the WSDA Small Farms Direct Marketing Handbook a great resource!

If I forgot anything, please remind me. 

Take care,

Carrie Sikorski

Pierce County Farm Specialist


“Agriculture is a business. Farming without a financial motive is gardening.  I use that line a lot when I’m giving talks, and it always gets a laugh. But it’s deadly serious. Not only do farmers have expenses to meet just like any other business, but they also need to be rewarded when they do good work.  Any plan that places further demands on farmers without an offsetting profit incentive is doomed to fail.”     Russ Parsons – LA Times, The California Cook

I am out of the office and will return on Monday, February 22nd.


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