2/20/10 Wayne’s email

On Feb. 24th, several SRC members will attend the Pierce Conservation District annual meeting, at which Paul Stamets will speak about the abilities of mushrooms to “save the world”. 

 This seemed like a good opportunity to follow up in our own meeting at Montessori Academy 9716 224th, on Wednesday, March 3rd, 6:30 to 8:30, with further mushroom (fungi) education from our own expert, Deej, who has worked with and learned from Paul Stamets.  A need exists for a few of you to help out with specific rare fungi cultivation, and Deej will explain that.  An open discussion will follow his presentation, which should start about 7pm.

The meeting will begin with an update on our steering committee, (chairman, Wayne; Education, Jim L;  Farmer’s market, Art D;  community garden, Treavor S;  Barter & Sales, Holly O-P;  Membership, Margi P).  This structure apparently was necessary to complete a lease agreement for use of the acre of good tilth land at 228th and Meridian.  We should have an idea of how that is going by meeting time.

I rather suddenly found myself writing to  Fiskars Project Orange Thumb  in hopes of gaining a supply of their quality gardening tools.  My letter is ATTACHED
A new website, EdibleNeighborhoods.org, is tasked with helping people get into “easy gardening with edibles and natives”.  It was started by Sustainable Greenlake, a SCALLOPS member as SRC also is.  Their page is ATTACHED also.  Third, on March 20, Saturday, from 10am to 4pm, a community garden summit will be held at Manitou Community Center.  That information was FORWARDED separately. http://www.fiskars.com/content/garden_en_us/Garden/ProjectOrangeThumb“> Fiskars  Orange Thumb Project

Please let me know if I’ve forgotten anything.  See ya in March, if not before.    Wayne


Below is the attachment to the Fiskars Orange Thumb Project:

Self Reliant Community,

A project of: Graham-Kapowsin Community Council


24203 88th Ave. East

Graham, WA 98338

 To:  Project Orange Thumb

        Fiskars Brands, Inc.

 Since 2007, the Self Reliant Community group of Graham has maintained a small raised beds community garden.  (A picture of the garden is attached.)

Five of the seven 4’ x 20’ beds are made available to Graham residents.  One is reserved for the Montessori students, and a second bed is reserved for the Eco-system Explorers, an after-school program of Graham-Kapowsin Community Council, led by Carol Wright.

 The garden manager for 2010 is Treavor Sands, who has contributed many hours of hard work, both at the community garden and at the McGee’s Rest Home nearby, where we attempted a larger garden for the benefit of the residents, but were not very successful (stony soil).

This year, Douglas Campbell, owner of many properties in Graham, has offered the use of an acre alongside Meridian Avenue (a main thoroughfare) at 228th, to grow food for sale at a farmer’s market.  This is an exciting new venture that is the impetus for this request for help with tools. 

 We like to play with some of the old tools used a century ago.  My old hand plow still works with good effect, and the similar row cultivator. 

 Our group will be teaching a Gardening 101 class this spring.  We want our community to not only know the benefits of growing your own food, but how to do it enjoyably…and Fiskars tools would certainly be a visible part of that in the classes.  We hope Fiskars will become a partner in these efforts.

                                                                         With much appreciation for Project Orange,

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