3/8/10 Wayne’s Emails

 A group tour for 8 to Chase Gardens, minimum offer $24, would make it $3 each if 8 went, or $4 each if 6 went.  Anybody want to join a Self Reliant tour?


Our next meeting, First Wednesday, April 7th, at 6:30, will be at Terry’s Berries on River Road in Puyallup.  After a tour of this CSA farm, and a quick visit to Holly’s Zestful Gardens CSA nearby, we will meet for debriefing at a place TBA by Jim in Puyallup.  Lots going on here, and 2 or 3 of you already have been involved in Dick and Terry’s farm projects.

John, Joyce, Art, and I will meet at Frontier Park with Aaron Benedict, manager, tomorrow, Tuesday, at 2pm, to discuss the possibility of a restart of the former Graham Farmer’s Market, perhaps to be called the “Grown in Graham” Market?  Keep your ideas flowing.  How can we get more food growing in Graham, more people who can stay “comfortable” in a power outage, more people who can fend for themselves when outside resources have problems…more Self Reliant people.

You might check out www.sustainablenations.org to see what they are doing.  Their end purpose is the same, though their methods might be different due to location in California.   

Art, I will deliver 20 boards to you this week.  Do you have stencils for large 6” to 8” letters?

Rhonda, can I deliver a 10’ long x 1’ high signboard to you?

                                                                                Wow!  Lots going on!      Wayne Cooke


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