Wayne’s email 3/29/10 Local food meeting

You’ll like this 4-minute video of Tacoma farmers, markets, produce, etc.  You’ll see Terry in it with two big hoophouses in the background.  Chris Benedict, who gave us the grain workshop info, is in it, too.

Just click on the link way down at the bottom under the colorful logo!

My first foray out of the house in days was to visit the Worley farm and her new greenhouse.  Will share 3 pictures April 7th.


Sent: Monday, March 29, 2010 5:32 PM

Subject: local food meeting

Hello Sarah and Janet – Wayne and the group listed below are meeting Wednesday to discuss the best place to share their efforts regarding local food (community gardens, farmers markets, and other food-related efforts). I suggested they commence at the TFPC group thereafter as we have so many similarly minded people already working on these points. Wayne agreed and was wondering if someone from the coalition could show up to announce the idea to the group on Wednesday. Aren’t Andy and Rose currently members of the coalition because it sounds like they will be present. Perhaps they could announce?

Meeting at TPCHD on Wednesday, 3pm, March 31st.

6 folks meeting: Dr Ruth M, Art D, Jay E, Rose P, Andy M, Wayne C, Julie W

Wayne – to download a digital version of the video, please go to:

To download the video, go to www.trinitimedia.com/login/login.php.

Username: tacomamarkets

Password: localtastyfun

Laura Kelsay Edwards- Director, Tacoma Farmers Markets


PO Box 707, Tacoma, WA 98401,   (253) 272-7077




Reconnecting Community and Local Producers” – TFM Mission

Hot New Farmers Market Video – Watch it now: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p96UDOwi9GU

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