Wayne’s Email 4/21/10

Welcome to those who signed up for information at the Spring Fair in Puyallup.  We hope you got my inserted information and will join us at Toby and Irene’s.  If our group suits you, please email Margi Pratt, membership chairperson, with your address, phone, email, etc.  She will add you to our “contact list” shared with our members and also make sure you are in our email list in the computer.  Thanks. 

We need to be there at 6:30.  So we will carpool, meeting at 5:30 at our Graham Community Garden, at the Rainier View Montessori Academy, 9716 224th, about a quarter mile west of the Graham Post Office.  We can pause at 288th on the way, for Brad and Deana, and at 320th, for Alonzo and/or Lynn, if they wish.  Those who go on their own will find good directions below.

My guess is that we may have 20 people come.  Therefore, if you have a folding chair, it might be prudent to bring it.  (Remind me to bring our five!)  You will have much to see and learn from Toby and Irene, original members of this group.  Read their email below carefully!

When we come inside, I have just 3 things to bring up. 1)  A report on Graham Grain Growers, resources, and Stacey Powers of “Great Harvest Bakery”; 2)  how can we get the garden beds “sold”, and 3) planning “Seven Summer Workshops”. 

Additionally, I want to, the second week in May, send an updated report on the Four Giant oilfields, peak petroleum and the economy, and possible effects on food supply.  Also, the Helping Hands booklet has languished in limbo until I could recover from this long cold or whatever, and catch up with my other duties.  I will insert the March-April newsletter to all of you, to show Fahnstroms garden project.

The entire Everett small scale grain growers discussion will be on video available soon.  I’m sure we can get the website address by May 5th
(That means I misplaced my notes and can’t find it now.) 
(Holly added the following) 

From: irene@trilliumwoods.com [mailto:irene@trilliumwoods.com]
Sent: Tuesday, April 20, 2010 8:44 AM
To: wayne cooke
Subject: May meeting

Hi, Wayne — 

I thought I’d send you some details about what we plan to share at th meeting of SRC here on 5 May (Cinco de Mayo!). About how many people should we expect? 

If folks can car pool it will make parking easier. We have lots of space, but it’s not all that well lit. 

If people arrive promptly at 6:30 we’ll have plenty of daylight for visiting the garden, greenhouse, hoop house, bee hive, seed starting set-up, cold frame, etc. before going into the house for the meeting. 

We have a no-shoes house, in case anyone wants to bring slippers. 

After the regular business meeting Toby will demonstrate how to put together (easy!) the mini-greenhouse he’s designed. It takes exactly three 10-foot lengths of 3/4″ pvc pipe plus a handful of joints. We’ll have a selection of the various coverings that can be used with it: netting, row cover, shade cloth, slitted plastic cover, etc. 

We’ll have drinkables and light refreshments available. 

Here’s how to get to Trillium Woods: 

43708 161st Avenue East

Eatonville, WA

360 832 8844 


Go south on Meridian to the flashing red light in Eatonville. Check  your odometer

Turn LEFT (east) and go out of town (passing the motel, the gas station, Arrow Lumber) for 2.9 miles.

There is a sign for Scott Turner Road on the right, but the road itself Ys up to the LEFT. 

There is a Dead End sign, but carry on for 2.0 miles up Scott Turner.

There is a cluster of mail boxes on the LEFT and a street sign for Sheep Camp Road, whichs Ys off to the LEFT.

Take Sheep Camp for about 20 yards and turn LEFT on 161st Avenue East, a private gravel road.

Go straight  up the slope, passing a large brown house and outbuildings on the right at the top of the rise. Go straight ahead (don’t swerve to the left ) through a pole gate with a Welcome sign into our woods (Trillium Woods) and continue on til you reach the house.  

Toby will be there to show everyone where to park. 

For more information: irene@trilliumwoods.com

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