information from our may meeting

We met at Irene and Toby’s house and had a wonderful little tour of the garden, greenhouse and home. Beautiful. I wanted to post a few pictures of their efforts and our meeting.  I loved the mix of flowers, edible plants, trees, and animals. It all felt so peaceful. Thank you.

Their beautiful home

  Lots of whimsy too

Their Garden Bed ;o)

Their greenhouse

 I will scan in and post the PORTABLE PLANT COVER directions that were created by Toby. Illustrated by Frank Richwood. You can locate this scan in the right-hand column PAGES under Additional Resource Info-Toby’s Plant Cover.

 Other items of interest covered at the meeting.

Annuttama said that 5 gallon plastic buckets with lids work great for grain or legume storage. Seal them in Ziplock FREEZER bags and add oxygen removers (you can purchase them in quantity). Don’t try to store ground flour-it only keeps for about 6 months.

Great places to buy in bulk:
The Co-Op in Eatonville,
Costco in Fife,
Cash-n-Carry Restaurant Supply (You will need a business license or be a non-profit),
Manna Mills

The article on Water in the April 2010 National Geographic was mentioned. I thought I would link it if you’d like to take a look at it.

Note from Wayne, “There are reasons to expect food shortages and hyperinflation as early as this year or next. Returning to basics is one useful strategy.”
To end with a quote from Rob Hopkins-
“Farming will soon return much closer to the center of American economic life. it will necessarily have to be done more locally, at a smaller-and-finer scale, and will require more human labor. The value-added activities associated with farming – e.g. making products like cheese, wine, oils – will also have to be done much more locally. This situation presents excellent business and vacational opportunities for Americas young people.”


2 responses to “information from our may meeting

  1. It’s too bad we didn’t make it out there. It looks like it was lots of fun! And informative!

    – Tracy, Treavor, Trent and Traxler (the 4 T’s)

  2. We missed you too! Looking forward to meeting Traxler ;o)-Holly

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