June Activities of the Self Reliant Community

Join the Self Reliant Garden Tour this Saturday morning!
This Saturday, June 19th, at 9am, we will meet at the Graham Community Garden.  From there, we will caravan (carpool if you like) to:

  1.  the Fahnstrom Community Garden a short distance away at 23814 86th , and stay about 10 minutes. 
  2. The Morse Wildlife Preserve, 25415 70th Ave, about a half hour.
  3. The Buds and Shrubs CSA Farm, 26319 70th, about a half hour.
  4. Joyce Moss’ Gardens and self reliant activities, top of Webster(70th) Hill.  Then out Webster to Meridian and south to Jensen Rd, near N.W. Trek.
  5. Organic by Nature Farm, 36521 102nd, (Meridian near NW Trek)
  6. Budd’s “Seven Tasks Acre”, 31819 47th Ave. East. (320th &  Mt. Hwy).

(Plan about a half hour each stop (except Fahnstrom).  After Budd’s, return to Community Garden or home.   

Save Thurs., June 24th, at 6:30- 7:30.  Make your own Easy Crop Cover!

As shown by Toby last meeting!  Backyard Work Party at Georgiann Derieg’s home, 9214 212th St. Ct. East.  (262-2425) Phone Wayne at 847-4614 to pay $15 for materials ahead of time.  He will purchase materials.  Or mail $15 to:

Wayne Cooke
24203 88th Ave. East
Graham, WA 98338


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