Wayne’s Email-permaculture center visit

Jim has sent this news about a Permaculture “center” in Yelm. I opened it and was amazed at the many options and opportunities, including 3 short video clips, just on the website, itself. Could you let Jim know if you would be willing to pay 12 to 15 dollars for a 90 minute educational tour. Would Kelda and her Puyallup Sustainability group like to join us for a tour?

July 7th, our regular First Wed. meeting 6:30 at the fire station again will start with the Sepp Holzer 37 minute Permaculture video.

This coming Thursday, June 24th, again at 6:30, will be the cheapn’easy pvc crop cover assembly workparty at Georgiann’s (near library). You will take home the same covered frame that Ashley took home from our last meeting. Wayne will buy all pieces in one purchase at McClendons Hdwe this Tuesday, but you will need to get $15 to him Monday or Tuesday morn, (phone him at 847-4614…to arrange to get the $15 to him) in order to have your parts (including plastic sheet) ready to assemble. Bring a good hacksaw if you have one, and maybe a rubber mallet.

From: *********
Sent: Saturday, June 19, 2010 4:00 PM
To: **********
Subject: permaculture site visit

lets take a trip to a local permaculture site in Yelm…

here is there web page- Perma-dise

the owner said she could set up a site tour the beginning of August

however there is a fee 12.00-15.00 dollars a person they however give each person a packet of seeds blends

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