Wayne’s email 7/7/10 meeting info and…

Self Reliant Meeting tomorrow, Wednesday, July 7th, 6:30.

PERMANENT-AGRICULTURE OR “PERMACULTURE”  will be the feature of tomorrow’s SRC meeting at the 70th Ave. fire station.

We will start the Sepp Holzer Permaculture DVD about 7:20, after introductions and any announcements.

We will need to decide on when and how many Workshop(s) to host and plan.  A signup for helping with workshop(s) will be on sign-in table.

Jeanette Dorner will share the Nisqually successes informally whenever she is able to attend.

Lisa Higgins, UW grad student, is asking for community garden info, including our small one.  Anybody for a “workparty” again?  Especially needed is cutting the overgrown berry bushes, …and advertising ideas.

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