8/4/10 Meeting

All 30 of us gathered around and sat in a big circle and enjoyed the evening air.
In the center of this circle we were presented with  a demonstration of Jerry’s threshing machine that he designed out of a barrel and fan parts. Next to it was the hand-crank grain mill that Billy converterted to an electric version. They were a great example of what you can do when you have a problem and need a solution.
Our group seems to be getting into grain growing more and more. As one member put it -food is the basis for self reliance and grain is the major element of this.

As we watched and talked our STONE SOUP  was cooking. Everyone brought something from their garden and contributed it to a large boiling pot of water. Several members brought homemade bread-yummmm. Anuttama brought a good potato dish too. I think we all left the meeting full and satisfied. Billy stated, “self reliance tastes good”.

I will be adding a few pictures of the meeting when I get them. I forgot my camera as usual.

We also ended up with a extra brown folding chair and a wooden spoon. If you are the owner please let me know- hollymaren@comcast.net.

Our next meeting, Sept. 1st,  will be at Billy and Anuttamas. This will be a lot of fun mixed with some good information and social sharing. We always have a great time at their home. They have so much to look at. See you there!

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