9/01/10 Meeting Notes

Billy and Anuttama hosted the latest SRC meeting at their home. We got to see the interesting stuff that they had been up to. Billy, along with Jerry, created a solar panel that is portable and attached to a trailer. The panel rotates to catch optimal sun. The trailer was created to be able to “get up and go” in case of an emergency. Also I would like to extend a big THANK YOU to them for all of the food-it was a feast!

A member of WREDI-West Rainier Economic Development Initiative, explained that they are trying to create their own alternative stock market. Enabling people to invest in businesses that are owned by local entrepreneurs. They also have several off-shoots that create a stimulus for business creation and an “incubator” for business ideas. Read the Dispatch article about the group.

This meeting generated a lot of discussion on being prepared. I will add more resource links and material along this line. We actually have a nationally known survivial resource center near us in McKenna, WA-The Survival Center.

Remember you can always buy in bulk from Mountain Community Co-op. Keep beans (good source of protein) and rice (filler and starch) on hand at all times. They can advise you on how to store your food and rotate your supplies.

Wayne suggested that we take a look at YES! magazine.

They take a positive position on self reliance. I am impressed with the look of their website. It even has an upbeat look to it.

Speaking of websites you may have noticed that I changed the look of our blog. That black background was getting me down-ha! I haven’t figured out how to change the active (blue) link colors yet-but I will keep fiddling with it.

I will be creating a page to display member’s business cards. It will be nice to give each other a boost when we can. I might incorporate a skills page, featuring skills that our members possess, that we can turn to for help and expertise. So keep this site in your “favorites” and check back.
Thanks, Holly

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