House Week

Update-found this site all about cob (you are wondering what that is right?)-take a look at It will help you with your earthships-ha!

I received an email from Carol W. this week and she had just gotten back from New Mexico touring Earthships.
I was not familiar with the term so I hopped on Google and did some research. Very interesting stuff!
Here is the official link to Earthship information.
Next-Tracy B. mentioned that she and Treavor were looking into TINY HOUSES. These have always fascinated me. It really gets you to thinking how much of a footprint you need to have for your living space. Many of these houses are also on trailer frames. So, you can get up and go if you don’t like the neighbors-ha!
Here are several links to different sites.
Tumbleweed Houses were the first (I think) to really promote these.
Tiny House Blog is another popular site with all types of small living spaces.

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