Dec. 1st Meeting Notes

Wayne’s e-mail:
About 40-45 people attended the Self Reliant Community meeting in Graham on Wed., Dec. 1st, at the 70th Ave. Fire Station.
    Ray Cool, who has practiced food storage for years, gave an excellent, timely, and interesting presentation about the process.
A lively discussion followed, with other information added.  The “crash course” was recommended for anyone needing a reason to learn long term food storage.
attached document:
My (Wayne) notes from Ray Cool’s presentation at the SRC meeting Dec. 1st, 2010
 First, make sure you clean well the areas you will be storing food in and any old leftover food containers of any kind are taken out, given or tossed away.  Katrina provides an example of how ugly a situation can become.

Why store food?  You may be on your own for many weeks in a severe natural or manmade disaster.  It is not hoarding.  Be able to share with neighbors.

 Ray suggested you visit ,  (click on the Crash Course). This is an excellent free series of lessons explaining why the current changes in the economy and energy supplies are unprecedented in history and why preparing for a future of scarcity and turmoil is prudent.  Martenson is very logical and factual with his lessons.  He says our future will be very different.

The best reason to store supplies is to imagine your income totally disappearing.  You must stay alive only on what you have stored.  Ray spoke of a couple who had had to do just that, and survived okay.

Store plenty of drinking water.  Start storing by simply buying double of whatever you go to the store to buy, anyway.  Buy at sales.  Pack dried grains, legumes, etc., in food grade buckets.  Hardware type buckets allow oxygen to seep in through the plastic.  Put an oxygen absorber packet in each bucket.  You can buy boxes of 100 oxygen absorbing packets, as well as bulk grains, from the LDS warehouse in Kent from 10am to 4pm on Tuesdays only, when they allow the general public to come in and buy.

Ray suggested storing powdered milk, also.  For those who won’t drink it, he said you can buy NIDO whole powdered milk in Hispanic sections of stores.  He said to avoid outlet stores, which often have outdated merchandise.

He listed 5 “enemies” of food storage:
1. Humidity,
2. Heat,
3. Light,
4. Oxygen, and
5. Pests (ants, mice, weevils, etc.).  Be on guard.

 One member brought food packs purchased online from efoodsglobal, and recommended them.  Another mentioned that, while refrigerators and chest freezers thaw out in an extended power outage, a way to keep them cold longer is to fill plastic containers with water and fill the freezer with them.  It helps the freezer to run more efficiently, anyway.   Another suggested that Spirolina is a very nutritious form of food that stores well. 

Ray said we should put a gallon of lard and other oils in storage.  In a long crisis, our bodies need some fat.  Sugar, white flour, salt, bleach, and toilet paper are also items to store.  Ray said, “Use what you store and store what you use.”

(Holly adds)
Becky and Dave provided this self reliant web site. It has a lot of great information.

Peace of Preparedness

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