January 5th meeting info

YOU ARE INVITED to the meeting
Wednesday, JANUARY 5TH, 2011
of the Self Reliant Community of Graham.
at 6:30pm in the Fire Station on 70th,  
(23014 70th Ave. E – ½ mi. So. of 224th)
  Steve Pruitt will discuss the differences between “self reliant” living and “sustainable” living.  This should bring up important “learning points” for us.  Will five years from now bring fewer cars, less food, and fewer services, or more?  How do we both predict and prepare for the future?  Can we be both sustainable and self reliant?
    Steve comes from the Pioneer Farm Museum family, and is active in Eatonville Plannin,. the Graham Community Action Team, the West Rainier Economic Development Initiative and the Nisqually Trust. 
  $MONEY – We may be short after Christmas, but “local currency” gets our attention.  What is it?  We will learn what it is and also the benefits and drawbacks with information from Rainier, Vashon Island, and Bellingham, where it is used.  Barter is another form of value exchange we already have in the form of Holly’s website, www.freeselltrade.com  (Holly adds: there was no interest in this and so I have canceled it-I could get it up and running if anyone might want it again)
Diane Dondero, in Yelm, sent a Christmas message with concern for the world and links with most interesting information.  Please go to her website www.babesinbelts.com to find them.
 Jim Lazzarini and Wayne will get a load of topsoil to the community garden this weekend, Dec. 31st.  Join us if you’d like.
 Gardeners please meet at Mr Borton’s house for instructions!
 Trip to Vancouver, WA, Grist Mill to be set at end of meeting.

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