January 2011 Meeting Summary

We had a nice turn-out of 40 plus people. Steve Pruitt gave a great presentation in our first hour about sustainability and self-reliance. He pointed out that there are four stages of growth: 1.dependence, 2. independence, 3. self-dependence, and 4. interdependence. Most of us that are pursuing a self-reliant way of living are in stages 3 and 4.
To sustain what we do have in our county we need to have the developers of environmental policy, economic policy, the community, and the government work together. There is an Urban Growth Plan for Pierce County. The issue of land use has become important and there is a push to consolidate everything.
Steve Pruitt said that we have “designed mediocrity” in Pierce County right now. There is a Graham Community Plan that has been in development for the past 5 years.
As an aside- Steve’s family started the Pioneer Farm Museum near Eatonville in the OHOP Valley area.

In our second hour we had a presentation by Mr. and Mrs. Francis Ayley
He is the President of – Life Currency Cooperative Exchange
www.LifeDollars.org. He is also a founding member of Fourth Corner Exchange. He talked about the positive aspects of  non-monetary systems.

Mr. Ayley also recommended the video “Money As Debt”

and the book The Grip of Death by Michael Rowbotham.
He pointed out that there are “two types of economic systems. One is competitive and the other is cooperative”. “Main stream economics are based on competition, greed, and fear.”
Their system is based on commitment (not called debt) that is accrued. The totals owed are managed by the members themselves. This is based on the honesty of each member. They are in the process of having an actual currency to trade.
To have a successful trading group you will need at least 35 people for a start-up.
For more information you can go to the links that are provided above or check out Life Currency Cooperative Exchange.

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