Wayne’s E-mail 02/15/11

NEWS for GRAHAM, and the Self Reliant Community 

At the March 2nd Self Reliant Community Meeting, we will review the seven tasks and discuss specifically how we might create a close “neighbor net” of a group of “interdependent” neighbors, as Steve Pruitt describes, review and actually see a five gallon bucket loaded with dry food, de-oxygenated with that packet, and sealed, talk about hands-on classes in canning and preserving, see a chafing can/ceramic room-warmer, see a prepared rain barrel, etc.  We will also have some of the 50 or so windows Paul and I obtained that are useful for greenhouses. 

 At the February 2nd Self Reliant Community meeting, Steve Pruitt of Pioneer Farm and the Nisqually Land Trust talked about self reliance being the fourth phase of five.  Interdependence is the fifth and most mature phase.  We are able to care for ourselves as well as helping care for the community. 

Carol Depp, in her new and very popular book, “The Resilient Gardener“, says she wants to be self reliant enough to be able to hold up her end of an “honorable interdependence”.  Her most important objective is growing enough food.

Jacob Christensen, in a very impressive ceremony conducted mostly by other poised and confident Eagle Scouts of Troop DXVI, was elevated to the rank of Eagle Scout.  He credited his parents, Kurt and Omma Christensen, and other troop leaders, for his success.  His Eagle Scout project was to make significant improvements to the playground at Graham Elementary School, including a large sandbox containing forty yards of sand.

Graham Can Dance!  Again, the community dance will be put on by the Graham-Kapowsin Community Council Youth Group (gabby.grahamyouth@gmail.com) .

It will be on Saturday, February 26th from 7-10pm at Frontier Junior High School.

Entry is $5 each, or $15 per family.  (You don’t have to know how, just come and hang out and enjoy.)

 Graham Expo 2011, will be Saturday, March 5th, also at Frontier Junior High School commons area, from 10am to 4pm.  Booths will display the many activities, products, and interests of the amazing people who live in Graham.

Baskets are already available and started.  A Pirate’s Treasure basket, a BBQ basket, an AT-HOME basket, a CANDLE basket, or you-name-it baskets are ready to pick up and finish filling.  Provide a list of what you put in and a rough total value, and bring it before 10am.  Phone Carol at 847-9755 for more details.   

Remember that Ray suggested visiting www.chrismartenson.com and clicking on “The Crash Course”, for a very comprehensive and well-researched video explaining what is really happening today with the economic situation, the environmental resources picture, and what we can expect with future energy supplies.  You will learn more than you ever thought possible.

Life Dollars.  Join Fourth Corner Exchange.  I did, and just today learned that a “Steve” in Puyallup, has handmade crafts for sale for Life Dollars only.  It will never take the place of money, but provides a medium of exchange opening up an internet market of people you “know” vaguely but now discover their talents, skills, and, yes, excess stuff.

 Raw Milk Drop Site.  Becky Dow, (dricedow@yahoo.com) is working to become a “drop site” for a local WSDA certified organic dairy.  She needs 20 people to sign up for whole raw milk by the gallon. 

 If you are interested in joining a GLEANING group, please contact Sue and Wayne Hollins, on your contact list.  They will be active this summer and fall.

 Put food SEEDS in the ground and watch them growThere is a little more to it than that. 

Visit www.billyandanuttama.wordpress.com and arrange to actually go to the Budd’s home on Mountain Highway and LEARN how to grow food successfully, incorporating features of Permaculture.  They are willing to organize small hands-on classes, for a small fee. 875-1842.

 Plant FOOD.  The last straw in Egypt was rising prices and lessening supplies of food, along with unemployment, etc.  In China, a prolonged drought in their vast grain-growing area has forced them into spending a billion dollars drilling wells.  In our country, commodities grain prices have risen about 50%, only beginning to be reflected in store prices.  (Remember that food and fuel are not included in our government’s “Base CPI” index).

 Plant FOOD… in Robert Borten’s fertile 60′ x 60′ garden on 82nd near 224th.  Four people are interested so far.  Simply following 89-year-old Robert’s advice will teach you much about growing food.  I have our big old Ariens rototiller almost ready and looking forward to using it first on the Borten Garden.

The Graham Community Garden, at the Montessori Academy, 9716 224th, received a load of sandy topsoil (into bed #7) from Debb’s pickup truck (Thanks, Debb).  It needs to be transferred to the other beds.  Then, Washington Quarries have agreed to give us another load of more fertile topsoil.  We need, again, a way to get it here. 

Because inflation seems likely, and also because there is talk by a few politicians of cutting Federal benefit programs, it might be useful to take a few minutes and seriously think about what your actual personal situation would be if your income of today were cut in half.  What would you lose?  What tough decisions might you have to make?  What would you keep, no matter what?  We have rarely been forced to think about what is most important to us.  We might find that it is relationships, not things, which make us happy.  Do you think that might soften the loss of physical assets and loss of “discretionary income”? 

     Actually, I’m sure we know people, perhaps in SRC, who have found themselves in just that situation, and were able to cope with it successfully.  Maybe they could teach us.

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