Wayne’s latest e-mail 3/4/11

Please read Judy’s words below and choose to receive an email notice of new postings.  TMN will be one way to also get the Self Reliant Community news and message out to the public.

  1. Yesterday I forgot the teakettle on the stove, until I smelled burning.  I’ve also forgotten who really wanted free windows to make greenhouses and cold frames.  Jim Fox, Amy Court, and Paul Hargrove have picked up theirs.  Please phone and remind me if you also still need windows.  Some are still in my shed, and more are coming from Bayview Gardens.
  2. Yesterday, Thursday, Lisa and Leslie and I met at LeCupcake to plan for planting and tending Robert Borten’s garden.

This will take a commitment, but well worth it to learn from Mr. Borten.  Please phone and remind me if you feel you can commit to growing food for you and your family while learning from a successful gardener.  We agreed to follow his wishes entirely in order to learn from him this year.  Our next meeting will be at Mr. Borten’s, where we will be rototilling that rich soil he has so carefully prepared over the past years.  I will set the date with him.

 From: Judy Spiers [mailto:judyspiers@comcast.net]
Sent: Friday, March 04, 2011 6:32 AM
To: Judy Spiers
Subject: The Mountain News


 I’ve just had a book review published on a new start-up, on-line magazine called The Mountain News. You can reach it at www.themountainnewswa.wordpress.com.  Take a peak and tell me what you think. 

 The publisher and owner is Bruce Smith whom Mark and I first met when we were going through our park’s closure two years ago and as a reporter he covered our story for the local newspaper.  He’d been talking about starting the magazine ever since, but two weeks ago he got it up. He’s now working to utilize more technology and to get advertising to support the venture. 

 When you visit the site, at the bottom right corner there’s a place where you can subscribe for free. You can choose to receive TMN daily, weekly, or monthly. You can also choose to receive an email notice whenever something new is posted. If you do the latter, it records the hits, which is how Bruce will get to the place where advertising can be sold, Bruce and other writers can get paid, and which will ensure TMN is on-going success. 

 As a contributing writer for TMN I hope to bring attention to a variety of stories and issues such as self-reliance, sustainability, and spiritual healing. While at TMN, be sure to check out Beth Rossow’s extremely unusual story. Go to the bottom of the screen, click on “previous” then scroll down until you find it.

 While the magazine has local stories, TMN is committed to those around Mount Rainier “in body and in spirit.”  It’s reach, we hope, will be global. Hope you enjoy. I’d love any feedback you may have.


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