Wayne’s E-mail 3/8/11 SRC Parkland, SRC Midland, Easy fresh-baked Bread, Borten’s, etc.

Tonight, Wed. evening at 5pm, I will meet with Cliff and Tova in Parkland to share what information I can that might help them start a Self Reliant Community group in Parkland.  They may come to our next meeting.  If you know them, maybe you’d like to join me tonight?

                More aluminum windows will become available in a couple weeks.  Paul needs a few more.  If you told me that you could use some to make a greenhouse or cold frame, please pardon me for forgetting or not noting it down and PHONE me again at 847-4614 so I can notify you when Paul and I bring in a new load from Tacoma.

                The large garden area for Robert Borten, on 82nd , is a go.  We must follow some rules.  Never open on Saturday (They are Seventh Day Adventist).  Always phone before coming.  Always follow his directions (learn from a master), and tend 6 or 7 “Borten’s rows”, the harvest of which will go to them in payment for use of the land, with all the rest going to you, meaning a solid commitment.  So far, participants are Lisa, Leslie, Treavor, Bonnie, and Bo, (and Theresa would like to visit and learn, but use what she learns on her own large garden).  Again, I probably forgot someone, so please phone and remind me.

                E’ireen Fitzwalters does many interesting things at home in Midland.  Her next www.SelfReliantMidland.wordpress.com meeting will be the last Thurday in March, 3/31/11.  It is held at the Sound Pierce County Community Center (aka Midland Community Center.)

                The Graham community Ariens rototiller is old, but working and available to all.  I plan to use it probably on Borten’s garden May 2nd, and on the God’s Garden in Spanaway.  If you need it, please phone me.

                YUM-M-m    Charmaine has been sharing this bread recipe with friends and now she shares it with you, from the Mother Earth News.  It says “Baking bread at home saves hundreds every year.  With this easy method, each loaf will cost you only 50 cents and take five minutes a day.”

Holly adds: I have copied and put this bread recipe under the HOMEMAKING SECTION/RECIPES ON THE RIGHT-HAND SIDE

  The Master Recipe: Boule

  Artisan free-form loaf (makes 4 1-pound loaves).

  3 cups lukewarm water

 1 ½ tbsp granulated yeast (1 ½ packets)

1 ½ tbsp coarse kosher or sea salt

  6 ½ cups unsifted unbleached all-purpose white flour

Mix together well.  It should be wet.  Do not knead.

 Store in refrigerator for about 3 hours.

 When ready, tear or cut off a chunk the size of a grapefruit.  With floured hands, press four  corners down to make the bottom flat.  Sprinkle flour on the top and let it sit for  about 40 minutes.  Make some cuts across the top before putting it on a baking stone  or sheet in middle rack in the oven preheated to 450 degrees.  Also put in a broiler  tray filled with a cup of hot water to create steam.  Bake for 30 minutes.  Let cool.

To double the recipe, memorize the 6-3-3-13 rule.  Double each of above in turn and it is 6-3-3-13!

                THE GRAHAM EXPO was at Frontier Jr. High last Saturday, and Holly and Allen and Lisa, with the help of Toby and Irene and Lynn, (and, I’m sure, others) did a fantastic job of setting up the Self Reliant booth.   Holly and Allen had a beautiful banner made that really set off the booth, and also a laptop repeating presentation that gave a complete and professional introduction to what the Self Reliant Community is all about.  Lisa had a posterboard about the community garden and she and Ray will be passing their flyers out to people at the food banks, inviting them to use a bed to grow food for their families.

                Wednesday, April 6th, at 6:30pm, we meet again at the 70th Ave. Fire Station.   Holly may be able to bring some of the presentation she had at the Expo to the meeting and set up a table there.  Maybe John could also do a Mountain Coop table to let new people know what is available there?  The planned main topic is the information all of us need on how to set up in our own neighborhoods the more useful and comprehensive Neighbor Nets that the Dept. of Emergency Management uses.  Perhaps we will be able to welcome Debbie Bailey again to our meeting.  Nothing yet firmed up, though.

                 We have many different ideas as to what is happening in the nation and the world.  Give us the patience and serenity to accept that which is beyond our control, but the courage to do those things locally that we CAN do, to help our families and our neighbors in any needs they may have in the future.  St. Francis didn’t just feed birds.  An excellent administrator and preacher, he bided his time and worked on a close relationship with the Pope, until he could make his very important request of his friend, the Pope, …formulating the very simple Third Order (still existing today), no member of which could engage in the killing of others.  That decree reduced warfare for a couple hundred years, saving an untold number of lives.   He had patience to wait until he was ready, then the courage to act boldly in a way that he knew would anger the “castle lords” and upper class of the time, but would simply follow the old command – don’t kill.  All the peasants wanted was to be let alone to raise their food and care for their families.  Putting their X on the paper meant they had the guarantee of the church that they could not be drafted by their landowner into the perpetual little wars of the time.  Life changes.  Will the Seven Tasks be of help as it does?

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