I wanted to share with you the Power Point Presentation on the SEVEN TASKS that I made. I finally figured out how to post it on I am now minus patches of hair that I have pulled out to achieve this-ha!
I would recommend that you view this in full screen mode (lower right-hand side) and you can close it by clicking on the area in the lower left hand side of the presentation. Please pass this along to anyone who might be interested in our group-thanks. Holly

My heart-felt sorrow goes out to the people of Japan. I would just like to point out that being prepared is so important. We (Pacific Northwest) are also located on the ring of fire and this could be in our future too. Please establish a contact person (out of the effected area) that your family will notify in case of an emergency and also plan a meeting area for all family members. You may want to review our emergency information now. EMERGENCY AND SURVIVAL INFO


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