Wayne and Anuttama’s E-mails 3/15/11

Anuttama’s E-mail:
Hello All!

I just posted an article about whether you should have a stock of potassium iodide handy in the event of a meltdown of the nukes in Japan. It also has links to sites where you can buy some in crystal form and make your own pills. Hopefully they will get the crisis under control and we won’t be exposed to fallout, but I’d suggest being prepared for the worst. My blog article http://billyandanuttama.wordpress.com/2011/03/15/should-you-have-a-stock-of-potassium-iodide-handy/
Wishing you all the best,

Anuttama (253) 875-1842
Wayne’s E-mail:

Community Gardening Leadership Training

Jobs are scarce. This might be an opportunity to prepare for the upcoming resurgence of interest in local food growing.
Another E-mail from Wayne:
A similar opportunity to the forwarded Good Cheer Farm information. I just phoned the CSA (Community Supported Agriculture Program) and they said that while they had four applicants for their full course (free tuition and board & room). They could use a couple more. The shorter 26 week course will start in a month (middle of April) and NO ONE has yet signed up. Please let anyone you know that is willing to get their hands dirty that a “job” is available. Tell them to phone 1-360-336-3727 OR 1-360-222-3171. On beautiful Whidbey Island, it might be the opportunity of a lifetime. PLEASE READ THE ATTACHMENT from last year.

       Need a job? Growing Food? Trainees Needed for 2010

Several articles recently have suggested that agriculture (yes, farming) will offer the next wave of job and business opportunities. 

Organic farming the old-fashioned way has enjoyed a surge of success in recent years.  There is now a need for more young people to learn organic farming techniques and to become familiar with the new trend of CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) farming.

Historic Greenbank Farm on beautiful Whidbey Island is the Western Washington Training Center.  There are still openings for CSA Farmer-Trainees for 2010.   Selected trainees will begin in February and work through October.   This year, housing is also available through the Whidbey Island WISH Foundation.  Trainees receive a monthly stipend of $500 and a $1000 educational award for equipment upon successful completion of the course.  Trainees will work an average of 40 hours a week, less some weeks and more during the growing season.

Trainees will learn a “model of small scale organic agriculture that is ecologically, economically, and socially healthy.”  It is an innovative community response to what is an alarming reality across our nation: the steady decrease in farmland, a food system dangerously dependent on fossil fuel, and an impersonal food chain that transports food an average 500 miles from the farm to our tables.

You can obtain application materials, a CSA brochure, and other information at the Northwest Agriculture Business Center (NABC) website:

                        www.AgBizCenter.org ,

                        Or  phone the Project Director, Maryon Attwood, at 360-336-3727,

                        Or phone the CSA Training Center Office directly at 360-222-3171

                        Growing food is the giving of life…no higher calling can be found!

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