Wayne’s E-mail 3/29/11 with Attachment

Meet WEDNESDAY, APRIL 6TH, AT 6:30pm, at the 70th Ave. Fire Station.

If you have a product or something you’d like to show and share, this would be a good opportunity to bring it.  We’ll have some tables out on the opposite side of the room from the three exhibit tables.

 KEEPING CHICKENS:  more and more people are interested in keeping a few in the backyard.  Planning and Land Use (PALS) has drawn up possible changes (shorter setbacks, etc.) making it easier.  However, there was no suggested change to do away with the two acre requirement.  At the meeting on March 22, a representative from Self Reliant Community of Midland addressed the Planning Commissioners, giving reasons why home chickens should be encouraged.  A man from Spanaway area spoke about the ongoing struggles with a neighbor who kept no control over his too many chickens.  Commissioner Thurston spoke eloquently about the many people in Spanaway, Frederickson, and Graham, who should have the right, within limits to prevent neighbor complaints, of keeping a few chickens.  Commissioner Carkner (Terry’s Berries) made a motion to change the 2 acre limitation to a half-acre.  The motion failed, 3 to 2.  The next motion was made to pass it as suggested by PALS.  That was passed.  An explanation was made that there would be two more chances for community input, with the possibility of changing the wording, before the County Council voted on it.

 Is there enough OIL under the Bakken formation in the northern Midwest to supply all our U.S. needs?  If only the government would allow it to be taken!  More than one person brought that up recently, and it deserves to be looked into.  I am sending the article that Carol sent me to the Post Carbon Institute, suggesting it deserves a public answer.  But I also googled it and came up with the very extensive research that SNOPES did.   An interesting and revealing report, assigning it to be neither completely false nor completely true. It seems to be a story of another useful addition to our resources amid misunderstandings and also to the enduring and understandable hope that the stew pot will never empty. 

Agenda for Self Reliant Community Meeting

Wed., April 6th, 6:30pm at 70th Ave. Fire Station

 Bruce Smith, editor of www.themountainnewswa.wordpress.com will talk for 15-20 minutes about what other groups are doing, and also not doing, to prepare people to rely on themselves and help neighbors in case of disruption of basic services such as food, water, fuel, and medical help.  Prepare for May “NET”  meeting.

  1. John Coombs will talk for 15-20 minutes about the Eatonville Mountain Cooperative and how it can help us in Graham while building community and interdependence.  He will discuss its mission and services beyond just being a store.
  2. William Budd will talk about Seed Saving, why it is so important, and how you might get started doing it even if you haven’t taken the course taught by David Mitman and the South Sound Seed Stewards.  (p.s. – When our son, Joel, and Zoe were married, one of the  gifts was a fancied up box of several heirloom seed packets, a tradition in days long ago…and almost a requirement back then.)  Graham is ready for the same seed course to be taught here by an S4 graduate.

You will find a display table for each of the above topics. 

Please welcome these new members: Jeanne West, James King, Carol Pisano, Jim Andrews, Sky and Betty Schroeder (who will donate a DOOR PRIZE of a RAIN BARREL this meeting), Scott Young, Arron LeBeau, Carolina Derungs, Martha Derungs, and Claudia Derungs.  You are now all on the SRC email list now and should receive this mailing.  You will be added to the Contact List available to all.

I apologize to whomever it was in the above list who mentioned the huge Bakken OIL Formation.  I didn’t want it to sidetrack the presentation at the time, but should have arranged to follow up on it.  Any new information is welcome.  Carol Wright, head of the Graham-Kapowsin Community Council, of which we are a part, sent me an article with the same theme.   I did google it and came up with a lengthy Snopes article (I’ll try to link it separately) (Holly adds see link below) that starts with the same article.  Snopes then states documented information from several official agencies.  Yes, the oil companies are extracting oil at a profit now, using new technology.  I encourage all of you to read the Snopes article all the way through.

Shoulda done it two years ago, but I finally have my rain barrel in, and planted potatoes on St. Pat’s Day.  How are You doing with the Seven Tasks?  Perhaps some won’t apply to you or are impossible to do at this time?  Think about an earthquake next week!

Here are three resources you might like to consider looking at or purchasing.

  1. The Post Carbon Reader (www.postcarbonreader.com ) from Post Carbon Institute.
  2. The Crash Course (now in dvd)… www.chrismartenson.org 
  3. The Transition Handbook (study guide) www.transitionnetwork.org

  Chris Martenson said, “…Six years ago, I (was in) a place of fear and worry.  But no longer.   While I am uncertain what might unfold and when, I am sure that anyone can do some basic preparations relatively cheaply and will feel better for having done so.  It could be one of the most rewarding and fulfilling journeys you could undertake.”  Be sure to read about Judy and Mark’s fulfilling journey in www.themountainnewswa.wordpress.com .  What a story!!

Wayne added this in another e-mail: I thought you might find the following article from snopes.com interesting: http://www.snopes.com/politics/gasoline/bakken.asp


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