Wayne’s E-mail 4/19/11

Some of us are attending the Saturday Garden Summit at Manitou from 10-2 next Saturday, April 23rd.

The next Self Reliant Community meeting at the Fire Station is May 4th, on Neighborhood Emergency Team formation. Barbara Nelson, Dept. of Emerg. Management, will show us how.

Anuttama Budd will be a guest speaker, along with Dick Carkner and Stephen Garrett, following the film, “The Future of Food” at the Tacoma Grand Cinema Theater, 606 S. Fawcett, at 6pm tonight.

Dick will talk about the impact of genetically modified crops on Puyallup area farmers. Stephen will explain the rates and areas of farmland that is still being lost to “development”, and Anuttama will share what we in Self Reliant Community, et al, are doing to encourage more land to be used for food growing, and why “Tomatoes are not Food”. Admission is $15. Bring something for the snack table if you wish, and perhaps a garden-related item for the “silent auction”. This is an amazing film. Come see it.

Attachment: A reminder that tonight at 6pm, is the film “The Future of Food”. It is at the Tacoma Grand Cinema theatre, 606 So. Fawcett, in Tacoma.
Holly has built a wonderful tri-fold presentation board for Self Reliant Community for the open session afterwards, with foods, displays, and a silent auction of gardening related items.
In preparation, I checked The Crop Site, “the Portal for the Global Crop Industry”.
It described an E.U. Commission report that available “hard data” on socio-economic impacts of GM crops was limited.
The E.U. MEPS committee backed a proposal that would allow member states to ignor E.U. scientific advice and ban the cultivation of GM crops at a national level. This angered the British National Farmer’s Union.
E.U. members “should be able to state environmental grounds…for restricting or banning the cultivation of E.U.-approved genetically modified crops…. Stating these grounds could strengthen the legal protection against possible WTO challenges to GMO bans.”
Monsanto announced a 300 million dollar public offering of 5 year notes, hoping to raise money. The proceeds will partly be used to repay a note owed to Pfizer, Inc., related to last year’s purchase of Pfizer’s Chesterfield Village research facility, and the rest used for general corporate purposes.

At our next meeting May 4th, at the Fire Station, we will be learning how to set up a “neighborhood emergency team”, giving us a way to tackle the Task of Getting to Know Your Neighbors. Barbara Hanson, from the Dept. of Emergency Management, will show us how.
We will again put some tables down just one side of the room for any members to “show and share” their talents and interests. I hope this will help our members get acquainted with each other. Seeing something you make or do is a conversation-starter for people who are a bit shy.

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