Wayne’s Email 4/29/11 and Next Meeting Info

Please open the attached flyer/note (see below) from Barbara Nelson,
which will introduce you to the concepts that she will discuss next Wednesday,
May 4th, at the Self Reliant Community meeting at 6:30pm at the 70th Ave. Fire Station.  Bring your friends!  There will be a door prize (the rain barrel with installed faucet donated by Sky) and a Raffle, which either Karelina or Louise will manage.

THANK YOU, DEBBIE PYEATT.  I finally had time to really read the great information from the Home Storage Center at the LDS Bishop’s Storehouse in Kent that you spent so much effort and expense to get to us.  The first page, “All is Safely Gathered In”, is a list of everything for sale (Tuesdays for non-LDS members).  I was  amazed at how organized it was, to make it easier.  What you can do each month of the year, on the page “How Do You Eat an Elephant”, is a useful tool to use  to break a big job into monthly “bites”.  Or, if you want to break it down into weeks, that complete list is there.  The 52st week, though, simply says “Merry  Christmas.  You have given yourself a great gift…security.”  Project Noah was a interesting page, just like the weekly list before, but on foods only.
Remember:  Watch the pull dates (expiration dates) on cake mixes.  Old mixes can develop toxins.  Don’t have money to buy such storage foods?  They thought of that, too, giving you a complete “Five Dollars a week” plan.  On the practical
side, there is a complete rundown on how to know what to save and what to throw out from refrigerator and freezer.  Now that DEBBIE has given you the food storage information, and it is all piled in the back closet, you realize that
you need portions of it in other places that are easier to get at, such as
car-packs, personal packs, and a storage area (for valuable papers copies, too)
out away from the house, in case earthquake/fire burns the house down.  The
preparation guide has lots of good, practical advice in the last few pages.  It
is simply a treasure, not to put away, but to refer to over and over, until the
pages are worn, torn, and dirty.    Thank Debbie Pyeatt for the gift.

Those wishing to grow their own food on Robert Borten’s land will start at 11am on May 2nd, Monday, next week.

Those that can spare a couple hours to work at moving 15 yards of tagro into the Community Garden beds please arrange a time with Lisa Cool by phoning her at 847-7574.
Now is the time for all good people to present to Graham the best garden we

  flyer/note from Barbara Nelson-

Plan to attend this special meeting to learn how to prepare for and respond to disasters—at home and in our neighborhood.  Emergency officials tell us to plan to be on our own for at least 7 days after a disaster.  With the help of a trainer from Pierce County Neighborhood Emergency Teams (PC-NET) we can learn:How to make the process of being personally prepared as easy as possible.

  • How to work with each other after disasters to help save lives and reduce property damage.
  • That we have access to a crime prevention specialist to help address any crime concerns we may have.
  • That together we can create a safer, better prepared neighborhood.

We can make a difference if we have a plan.

It’s fun, it’s easy and it’s free.


Date:  Wednesday, May 4  Time: 6:30 PM Address:  70th Ave. Graham Fire Station  Contact:  Wayne Cook 253.847.4614



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