Wayne’s E-mail 5/10/11

 Holly Adds: please forward this update and our SRC site’s link to new and old members that  may not be getting these notifications.
This is a good resource to keep everyone “in the loop” and I would like to encourage everyone to sign-up for these e-mail updates (upper right-hand side on our SRC site).
Along with upcoming meeting information and then review, we also include a lot of interesting links and information on topics that are related to self-reliant living.
Thank you for passing this along.

Notes from  the Meeting of May 4th, 2011.

Barbara Nelson, of  Dept. of Emergency Services, came to introduce us to the PC>NET idea, Neighborhood Emergency Team.  A coordinator begins it, and the neighborhood has several specific “officers”, one in charge of first aid training and preparation, one in charge of communications, etc.  It would seem like an ideal situation, giving a community excellent preparation for any disaster that might occue.  Barbara gave us a lot of information, too, on earthquake history for our area.  We are due, says the experts.

My personal feeling is that the NET idea will not be given the top priority by most of our neighbors that perhaps it deserves.  But it does fit our task of developing a close relationship with neighbors.

So, I have an idea.  I hereby appoint each and every one of you members of the Self Reliant Community, a Pierce County Coordinator for P.C. Net for your neighborhood, however you
want to define your neighborhood.  Of course, I have zero authority, but who cares?  Now you can tell your neighbors that you are the Coordinator (capital C) for your Neighborhood Emergency Team.  (For anyone who missed the meeting, you can get the flyer from me!)  Oh, well, it’s a conversation-starter anyway, and maybe somebody will  be willing to join you to help with one of the jobs if something happens.  Which it will, sometime.

Taken from “20 Reasons You Need to (Grow) Prepare & Store Food.”

On the same note, here are some facts to ponder as you cruise the aisles of our local grocery store, well-stocked by a very efficient
food delivery system, coordinated by complex computer systems. 

1.Rising food prices have pushed another 44 million people into the World Bank’s classification of “extreme poverty”. 

 2.The National Academy of Sciences says that U.S. topsoil is being eroded away faster today than during the dust bowl years of the 1930’s. 

3.Water for farming is being pumped out of aquifers much faster than it is replaced.  Our famous Ogalalla Aquifer In the Midwest is
heading toward empty. 

4.The oil we use to produce food is rising in cost and is pushing food prices upward. 

5.Fertilizer supply, especially phosphorus, is worrying the large agricultural producers.  

6.The commodity (bulk) prices of wheat and corn have about doubled since last summer. 

7.Revolutions in the Middle East, serious financial distress in Europe, and loss of dollar value cause worries about the future. 

8.Freeze-dried food suppliers are swamped with orders.   

Robert Borten’s garden is started.  Robert will have his 87th birthday soon, I think on May 17th.   Our old Ariens 8-horsepower tiller didn’t do the job well enough and Lynn Worley was kind enough to loan her 12 horsepower tiller to the Borten gardeners, provided they could get it started well after sitting 3 or 4 years and get it transported to Borten’s.  Bonnie was unable to arrange with a friend to drive to Kapowsin to look at the tiller last Saturday.  Does anyone in the group know small engines well enough to help out?  Bonnie’s number is 677-8836

A truck delivered 15 yards of Tagro topsoil to the community garden last week, about 50% more than needed..  Wayne took about 2 yards and others have taken some.  Please feel free to take what you need.  Lisa will need a work party perhaps next Friday or Saturday to put a weed barrier and mulch between rows.  Those who have already planted have the choice of using Tagro or not.  Our Community Garden Coordinator for Pierce County, Kristen McIvor, says she has thoroughly researched it, uses it on her own food gardens, and says that Tagro is very safe to use.  But some of you still have reservations.  Could it be,
as one member suggested, that the early Tagro product many years ago was not as good??  Please phone Lisa at 847-7574 for more information.

WELCOME to New Members:
Katy, Sam, Priscilla, Holli, Sharon, Sylvia, Sherry, Haydee, Donna, Toni.  You should receive this email, or, if no email listed, should receive it in letter form.  Thanks for joining us and we hope you will find friends, information, and a place to share.

The next meeting is June 1st, the first day of June, and also the first Wednesday in June.  Same place, in the 70th Ave. Fire Station, at 6:30pm.  Bring something for the Show and Share tables if you like.

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