Upcoming Meeting-Wayne’s E-mail + Brian Brawdy

Meeting June 1st at the 70th Ave. Fire Station just confirmed by Michelle.

  1. 6:30 as usual and Ray Lam, teacher and inventor, will show us the components of his solar heat collector, simple materials.  Also, bring any hobby or interest you have to share for a couple “Show and Share” tables, and donate
    to Karelina’s Raffle.
  2. July meeting will be a presentation and discussion of the 3 E’s…economy, energy, environment….and where we stand now.
  3. Aaron LeBeau is willing to help you with most anything you want done.  Phone 222-8401.  His boat-building class doesn’t start until September.
  4. The Community Garden needs help.  Can you spend an hour or two tomorrow, Thursday, starting 11am???
    Weed & shovel

Holly adds: I came across this guy when I was doing some research for mobile, self reliant set-ups to have when an emergency strikes and you have to leave in a hurry.

Brian Brawdy Videos

Brian also has a website and newsletter. he is not my cup of tea-too radical, but he does have a a mobile unit that can head out at a moments notice. These videos cover information on the set up and other self reliant information.
Anuttama and Billy have created something similar and were the inspiration for this search.


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