Lots of Great E-Mail

Please come Join the WORK/doughnut PARTY

AT  11am until 1pm THIS SATURDAY, MAY 21ST,
A 2-HOUR WORK PARTY is needed to clear and place cardboard, maybe mulch, on pathways, move topsoil piles to rear, and cut blackberry vines back.  Cold waters and a box of deliciously unhealthy doughnuts will be provided.  Take some topsoil home if you need some.  Or just stop by to help for a few minutes and encourage us if you haven’t got much time Saturday. 

Hi Holly

It’s time to get rid of those pesky yellow jacket queens.  Here is a site I found that might do the trick for some.

Thanks Jerry. I know they must be good for something but…
Irene sent this video link-Thanks!!
I will dig a little deeper (pun intended) and get some more info on worms to create a page for them.
Article on Roundup (glyphosate)
And now for some bad news-
Thanks Irene. I guess we have to have a little bad to appreciate the good.

One response to “Lots of Great E-Mail

  1. Thank you very much for all who attended! Everyone pitched in and did a wonderful job!
    Lisa C.

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