Gardening, Soft Cheese, and Wayne’s latest E-mail

Irene B. sent this article-
Garden As If Your Life Depended On It, Because It Does
“I like homemade spreads over store-bought, because you can cut off about half the cost of store-bought artisan soft cheese, create unique flavors, and knock the socks off your guests when you tell them you made your own cheese.” Mary Jane Butters
Make Your Own Soft Cheese

This a great, and simple to follow, recipe from Mary Janes Farm Recipe of the Week.
I will also post this link under Homemaking/Recipes.
Wayne’s 5/31/11 e-mail:
RAFFLE TICKETS are available from Karelina Resnick at tomorrow’s meeting.  Who will win Rhonda’s pie? Lots of other good things have been donated.
Probably most members of the Self Reliant Community worry to some degree about fuel and gasoline shortages in the near future, along with an increasingly undependable food and electricity supply.  That generally is why we are here, to help each other learn ways and do things that will provide a buffer against such problems.
Tomorrow, Wednesday, June 1st, at 6:30pm, at the 70th Ave. Fire Station , RAY LAM will show us one way: a simple solar installation he has developed that will give you water heated by the sun.  No cold shower when the power is off.  Please come and greet Ray and some people from McKenna headed by Xenia who call themselves just “the girls”. The Girls from McKenna have a lot to teach us and also want to learn what we are doing.
Well, besides using sun energy, we are:
Growing and preserving food (like our ancestors did),
Keeping warm without power on cold winter nights, (like our ancestors did),
Keeping a bike for gas-less mobility, (like our kids do).
Taking responsibility for sharing our efforts with neighbors.
And if we aren’t, then we need to be visiting at least FOUR very important members of our group. Sure, you’ve been to Billy and Anuttama’s home demonstrating all of the above, but DO type at the top of your computer and see their latest information on how to grow food by bending to Nature’s way. And that same page will lead you to the wonderful pictures and video of bees swarming right on their property. Bees pollinate. Bees help grow our food, right?
And the other two are Mark and Judy. They decided they needed to insure themselves against future problems and not only worked together to do what we all should be doing, but Judy wrote about it in an article in our local The Mountain News. Look in the archives on the right hand side to find the category of Self Reliance, open it and look for articles by Judy Spiers.
No, The Mountain News isn’t at the store….just on your computer at Enjoy!
THE NEXT SELF RELIANT MEETING will be JULY 6TH. Together, we will try to peer into a cloudy crystal ball.
Today, I put a new inner tube in the tire of Lynn’s rototiller, but now I can’t get the bead back over the rim, nor can I take the wheel off, nor can I even move it. Special tools needed? Please give me some advice, if you can, at 847-4614.

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