A Few of Wayne’s E-mails 6/19 and 6/20/11

I will continue to re-post Wayne’s e-mails even though he sends them out to everyone. I did not want to overload our members with the same information. I wasn’t sure if it was necessary but one of our members said her e-mail was acting up and she did not receive them and this provides another way to get this information out.
Joyce Moss, because of her epilepsy, cannot drive and therefore needs a dependable and readily available person to drive her to do shopping, get mail, go to appointments, etc. (Helen, her previous driver, moved to Bonney Lake). Joyce prefers someone who might be an elderly widow or widower, a careful driver, retired and needing an excuse to “get out of the house”. She also pays for “waiting time”, so it would be worthwhile for someone who wants to make a little extra cash. Call Joyce at 847-5964. (no email).

Catharine added another note to Rhonda’s (and Art’s) warning about brown recluse spiders. They are very small, easily overlooked, and the original bite is not that noticeable…important to know.

What would you like to share with us next meeting?

Carol Wright needs volunteers to pass out Meal Sacks to under-18 Bethel Students on the Bethel “no permanent home” list.

It is only once a week for two hours, 11 to 1 on Mondays at the Roy Elementary school, and the same Fridays at North Star Elementary. You can volunteer for whichever location you are closest to. Call Carol at 847-9755
After the successful June 14th EATONVILLE organizing meeting, I received this email from organizer Nathalie Fairbanks:

Hi, Wayne,
We now hav an email address for the group. It’s self-reliant-eatonville@hotmail.com. Vikki, Sherry and I can access that email. Also, Vikki put together the WordPress blog: http://www.selfrelianteatonville.wordpress.com.

Everything’s rolling! Have a great weekend!

It was very sad to see the Rainier View Montessori Academy emptied, and while I thank the several SRC members who showed up to help Kimille get stuff moved out, sold, and gone, Kimille, I’m sure, is most thankful to you all . It must be heart-wrenching for her, watching with her cane and muscular dystrophy weaknesses as her dreams went out the door. She is still smiling through it all, but one of our members there wanted to make sure we stayed in touch with her and her family, inviting them to events, continuing to support them and look for possible opportunities to use her talents and ideas.
Ron Robinson phoned this weekend and apparently is caring for someone, perhaps an elderly bedridden person.

Ron needs badly a hospital type bed that he can crank up for feeding, and make it easier to care for them. Strong as he is, those of us who have cared for such a person know that the “dead weight” can be dangerous to the caregiver as well. Please phone Ron Robinson at 1-360-893-8697 if you can think of any possibilities, any hospital bed that is no longer being used and could be loaned or sold to Ron.
On July 10, the second Sunday of July, from noon to 4pm, Deej and Yumi are hosting a potluck at the Morse Wildlife Preserve they are caretakers. It is located down 70th from the Fire Station about two miles, at 25415 – 70th. The first section of the new boardwalk across the North Fork Muck Creek, just south of the big steel observation platform, is now open. Come and see it.
I hope some of you will be able to bring pictures and maybe plants from your own garden to share with us at the July 6th meeting at the Fire Station on 70th Ave.


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