Wayne’s E-mail 6/23/11 + Links

Meeting week after next, July 6th, Wed. at the fire station. Share (photos, etc.) your veggie garden…trials and triumphs.

Kimille Douglass and husband, Tom, have the Montessori school almost cleaned out now. Another “garage sale” tomorrow and Saturday and maybe Sunday. But Kimille will be alone. If anyone out there might like to just sit and visit and be company and help a little, it might be a kindness, especially if you know a bit about MD. Her cell phone is 686-4353.

The Graham Fire Dept. will be teaching their next CPR/First Aid classes on September 17th. Raquel Roos will have a sign-up at the July 6th meeting. Limit of 8 for CPR and 16 for CPR/First Aid. It is FREE for residents of the Fire District ($35 otherwise).

Bill Wright will let us know when he can bring some mulch to cover the cardboard between rows at the Garden.

Crop Covers, the same ones 5 ft. long by 3 ft. high that we made in Georgiann DeRieg’s back yard last year (plans from Toby Bensinger), will built at Jim and Leslie Lazzarini’s back yard on Friday, July 8th, at 4pm (‘til about 6pm.) Sign up and prepay.

Holly adds: I have the plans listed on this site- posted on the right-hand side menu under GARDENING / TOBY’S PVC PLANT COVER. You can click on the illustration to enlarge it and right-click it to print. A parts list is included but not attached to the illustration.

A group trip to Cedar Creek Grist Mill is planned by Gordon Flath sometime in August.

Kimille needs to sell cheap four nice “garage” shelves, nice-looking steel frames. Also tables etc. Stop at Montessori.

Light blue interior paint, etc. I cleared out and took home all the old paint containers stashed by the side of Montessori, and you might like to check with me if you have some painting to do. 847-4614.

The two big commercial greenhouses are, in pieces, at William and Anuttama Budd’s home. If you like steel jigsaw puzzles, give them a call and offer to help put them together. They could feed a lot of people. Budd’s phone is 875-1842.

A new documentary is out called “Farmaggedon”.
Holly adds: I linked the page about this film HERE.
I’ll know more at the next meeting.
Also, who was it that told me about a new documentary about bees called “Queen of the Sun”?
Holly adds: Here is the OFFICIAL SITE for the movie.
The movie trailer-
My Mason Bee Motels are almost filled and many of the bees pollinating weeds and turnips.

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