Wayne’s E-mail 5/6/11 Meeting Information

Subject:  Self Reliant Community meets tomorrow, WED. 6:30

Meeting will be at the usual 70th Ave. Fire Station.  We’ll have tables around the
perimeter and a marking pen and paper to tape on your name, so you can show
photos, etc., of your gardening efforts.

Jim and Leslie invite us to their home on Friday, June 8th, 4 to 6pm. to
make hoop covers.  Must let me know at meeting how many will come so I can buy materials.

On Wed., July 13th, a week later, those who wish will again meet at the
Fire Station, 6:30, to discuss current economic and energy trends and how our
activities can best address the future needs of our families and our neighbors.

THANK YOU, ANJA!  She agreed verbally to “sell” us water for the community garden, through the same setup.  Details to be worked out later.  Mark, as a former plumbing expert, would you mind helping on that hook-up?  And Judy,
do you still have a copy of your article describing the efforts of you and Mark
to meet the Seven Goals?  I can’t find it.

Holly adds: here you go Wayne. http://themountainnewswa.net/2011/03/28/the-seven-tasks-of-self-reliance/#more-957

Tom McNiel stopped by with his 2006 yellow PT Cruiser, looking a young 89 years old.  He says to say Hi to all of the old gang.  He misses all the exciting
projects and ideas from all of you.
But…”Mother Nature giveth and Father Time taketh away”, he says.

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