Would Someone Like to Take Over This Site?

I would like to know if someone else would be interested in keeping this site updated? I would train you if you might need it. It is not complicated and I would be here to help in any way I could for support.

I feel it is important to maintain a place on the web for meeting information, etc. to keep us all posted of updates. There is a Facebook page that has been started for this purpose too, but you have to be a member.

You can put your own  style into it. Post articles and videos you find relevant to self reliance.

Allen and I are going in other directions. So, I feel that someone who attends meetings on a regular basis would be a better fit for this.

I also created the original logos (the one with the red background) for printing and web design. I would like to pass these on to another person for keeping (on their computer).  In the meantime, If you need these please contact me and I can send them on.

Sincerely, Holly Olsen-Pierce


One response to “Would Someone Like to Take Over This Site?

  1. Holly, I’d be willing look into keeping the site updated. I’m not sure I’d be the perfect fit for the job but I do know you’ve mentioned it before and nobody has stepped up… Give me a call or shoot me an email and we’ll talk about it.

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