Sept. 7th, 2011,  Self Reliant Community MEETING and News.

My computer apologizes if you didn’t receive email notice of the August meeting and missed learning from Beth Rossow about the wealth of living independently close to nature.  Thank you, Holly, for the timely notice on your SRC website.

The September 7th meeting will be, again, at the 70th Ave. Fire Station at 6:30
pm.  You can bring something to RAFFLE, really this time!  KELDA MILLER will teach us what PERMACULTURE really means and how you can use the basic ideas in your own life, like Anuttama and William (www.BillyandAnuttama.wordpress.com) are doing.

William & Anuttama are moving to Randle area and invite you to help them.  875-1842

  1. A COMPUTER CHANGE IS COMING.  My troubled distribution list is telling me that it is time for someone else with a better computer to take over the job of SRC communication.  It seems to me reasonable to combine Holly’s wonderful web-work with the communication I’ve been doing.   SO, can we find someone, perhaps not even in our group, perhaps retired, that could find fun and enjoyment in the communication of all the interesting things that
    happen in the Self Reliant Community?
    Holly has already asked for someone to take over the website and offered to teach them.
    Barb, has cancer, metastasized, and while she feels well now, the chemotherapy regimen begins Sept. 15th, and the next months will require my first attention to Barb.  (We spent part of this weekend at Good Sam.)

Therefore, my age and Barb’s illness opens an opportunity for all of you to
begin planning to expand the “sharing skills, knowledge, and encouragement” of local self reliance skills in the community and in your neighborhoods.  I feel certain that (rather than “rebounding”) the economy will continue downward,
challenging all of us.  But many more opportunities for teaching others, strengthening neighbor bonds, expanding local food growing, “putting by” food,
using greenhouse or row covers, keeping a back-up bicycle, collecting rain, and
preparing for cold without power, will emerge as more people realize that they’d best depend on their own strength and initiative.

I invite all who can to meet at the 70th Ave. Fire Station again at 6:30pm
on the second Wednesday, Sept. 14th to plan a reorganization of Self Reliant Community with Wayne in a supporting role.  Someone from this meeting will need to email Michelle at mgreco@grahamfire.org to reserve the room for an October meeting.

  1. CHANGE for Barb and me is in the future.  I’d love to think I can handle all the tasks around our acre, but difficulties this summer suggest otherwise.
  2. Volunteers are needed for SRC booth at Bethel’s ABC Days at GK High School on October 15th, Saturday, (9 – 12 or 12 – 3).  Maybe Jay can bring his electric racing car.
  3. I have a few windows left, also a small, old, drop-leaf desk.  Any takers?
  4. Please let me know via “reply” if you wish to meet with Bethel’s Jay Brower regarding the formation of a Farmer’s Market at the new Learning Center.  Jay will set a time.
  5. Mack will bring a sample brace of his permanent, inexpensive greenhouse.  Check it out.  We also need help to raise the commercial greenhouse at Selena’s.

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