Info from Meeting 9/14/11

Treavor S. wrote the meeting notes-

September 14th meeting Overview

This was a secondary meeting this month to discuss changes in leadership.  As most of us have learned by now, Wayne’s wife, Barbara, has been diagnosed with cancer and is currently undergoing treatment. Wayne will understandably be putting his focus in helping her through this difficult time.

Wayne has asked for volunteers to step up and take on the reigns of the Self Reliant Community of Graham, at least temporarily.  Those at the meeting all agree that Wayne will certainly remain an integral piece of SRCoG going into the future.  In the meantime, Deej and Ray have offered themselves as co-chairs with Wayne remaining honorary chairman, leading as he wishes with no commitments to do as such.

In an effort to support Wayne and the growing group, a few others have offered up their services to help out as well. Tyler agreed to help lead if he is needed but would like to get to know the group better. Karelina is currently the treasurer (Wayne showed off the group’s new debit card that has a few dollars on it!) but also offered her services as needed.

The other main subject that came up was the fact that if we would like to have Deej as a co-chair, Wednesdays might not end up working for him, so there was talk of possibly switching the day we meet and maybe putting that to a vote. Tuesdays and Thursdays were the most mentioned days, but we will talk about that further at the next meeting. It may end up that Deej will be able to simply switch his schedule and no changes will be needed. Next meeting will also provide an opportunity to anyone else that was not present at this meeting and would be interested in helping to lead the group to step forward.

There was talk of some other positions that may need to be filled or created in the group.  A secretary to take notes and record the information at the meeting.  A webmaster to load that information onto the SRC web page (Holly is currently filling that position but would like to pass the torch to someone else.  WordPress familiarty would be a big bonus there.)  Tracy and I could possibly take that up, but we’re not sure how realistic that is at the moment.

There was also talk of starting up a group library with an elected Librarian.  Either bringing the books to meetings and then taking them home, or simply creating a list of available books people have finished with that can be added to a list, and the elected librarian could just bring requested books to meetings. Lynn will likely be bringing a large collection of Mother Earth News Magazines to either donate to this cause, or give away to members.

Lastly, Karelina offered up a speaker for the next meeting regarding Rain Gardens. I can’t remember the person’s name off-hand, but if I hear anything more, I’ll add that in.

Please forgive any errors as it is late and my editor in chief, Tracy, is asleep!
 Wayne added from his email-

Karelina has already booked David Hymel to be the speaker about Rain Gardens at the next October 5th, Wednesday, meeting, which Ray has reserved for us and taken care of.  I’ll look forward to seeing you there.

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