Planting Garlic and a New Post in Classifieds

I don’t know if you are aware that we have a CLASIFIED SECTION, but we have a new listing. Check it out.
For our members-please feel free to contact me at or post in the comment area to list something you have or need.  Also, if you are looking for work, or are looking to fill a position, please shoot me an email or place your “ad” in the comment section. I do screen before posting so it won’t show up right away.
I have created a separate page, SHARING SKILLS AND KNOWLEDGE, for listing our skills, experience, or talent that we can trade with each other or if you need that hard cold cash to charge for. Just list how much an hour or job it would be and then if you would be willing to barter for your service too. Please don’t forget contact information.
Now on to GARLIC.
I came across this easy to follow video from Kitchen Gardeners and wanted to share it. The sound drops off but you can still hear it.

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