South Sound Seed Stewards

We have great programs and classes lined up for you. It is prudent and wise to be able to grow your own vegetables and to know how to save their seeds.
 Program: CHICKENS – Our guest speaker is Steve Herman. Steve is primarily an ornithologist whose research has focused on birds of prey, shorebirds, endangered species, and pesticide/wildlife relationships. He taught for 30 years at The Evergreen State College.  His chicken background started when he was 10 years old.  He has kept laying hens continuously since 1971.  We are very happy to have him as our guest speaker.
Date:  Monday, February 13, 2012
Time: Registration will be from 6:00pm till 6:45pm with the meeting beginning at 7:00pm. Come early and register. Enjoy a cup of tea or coffee as you meet “new gardeners” and the “ole timers”. (Attached is a copy of the Registration Form for your convenience. Have it filled out and ready.)
Where: Yelm Adult Community Center (aka “Senior Center”)  16530 SE 103rd Ave., Yelm  (For directions visit our website for map.) www.southsoundseedstewards.orgWith all the problems the past year with our food sources, it is a wise person that will grow their own produce.  Knowing that your vegetables have not been sprayed with immune destroying pesticides or herbicides; knowing that you can’t find any produce fresher; there is nothing like it!
Food Bank: If you wish to contribute to our local Food Bank bring your items to the meeting. We encourage your paricipation in helping to keep the shelves full. Break Time:  Have a cup of coffee and/or tea during break. S4 provides the drinks, but members provide the sweet treats.


“A gardener is a forever student and Mother Nature is the Teacher”.


 SPECIAL NOTICE:  We have several chemical sensitive members in our organization.  Due to the size of our meeting room and the difficulty to have proper ventilation, we are requesting that members limit their use of fragranced products, (i.e. lotions, aftershave, perfumes, oils, etc.).  Your consideration is most appreciated and will allow these sensitive members to continue with our group.


 GARDEN 101 WITH JOANN MAHAFFEY  Due to the weather JoAnn’s first class was cancelled. Because of her commitment to the garden shows and markets, we are having to squeeze two classes into our busy February schedule.  JoAnn has been gardening for 60 years from the East coast to the West Coast.  She has volunteered to teach Garden 101 to help new gardeners as well as seasoned gardeners get started.  She is a wealth of knowledge and her classes are always outstanding. Please note that Garden 101 is not open to the public.  Only members of S4 are invited to attend. Date: Tuesday, Feb. 14 and Tuesday, Feb. 28th
Time: Doors open at 6:30pm — meeting starts at 7:00pm
Place: Gordon’s Grange (White two story bldg. next to Gordon’s Patio shop in Yelm.) Fee: $10.  (This is a one time charge for her classes.)
Come early to register so we can start on time.  There will be no break or refreshments.  Bring your own drink or water bottle.
This year started with a “bang”, Mother Nature was on a roll.  Spring is around the corner and we marvel how time flies.  Being prepared, having your seeds and garden plan ready, will ease you into a “no stress” season. See you at the Monday Night Meeting!

Encouraging community self-reliant gardening.  This is what I refined the description from – Encouraging Community independence and self-reliance through producing and sharing locally adapted heirloom and open-pollinated seeds.

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