“OFF-GRID-free yourself”

This was posted on Facebook today and I thought it was something I would like to share with the SRC group. Thanks, Holly

“Off-Grid reports on the people, technologies, events and influences throughout the global off-grid community. The Landbuddy section helps you find others to go off-grid with and the free classifieds are full of ads for off the grid real estate. The Off-Grid101 section is packed with basic information from the right kind of solar cooker to how to gather rainwater.”
“With daily news stories and a busy forum, off-grid.net is an indispensible part of daily routine for many off-gridders.”

Looking for your own piece of heaven?


How it works:

1. You  want to go off-grid
  Want to help/get involved  
  Offer land/already off-grid
 2. Post a listing  
tell others where you are and what you are offering or looking for
 3. Get responses  
use our blog system to receive and send messages
 4. Have a chat
on the forum, and see what happens…  

So go ahead   post a listing…


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