“Build a Ventilated Cold Frame For Winter Vegetables”

This is an interesting article brought to my attention by Karelina R.

“Build a Ventilated Cold Frame For Winter Vegetables”

“This spin on a homemade cold frame is ideal for winter lettuce, carrots, beets and more. Learn how to build a cold frame and more about the benefits.”

“For most of us, the onset of winter means the end of freshly harvested garden produce — and I used to hate that! Though I’ve never been able to afford a greenhouse, I’ve always felt that I somehow had a right to homegrown salads all year round. Furthermore, I knew that when sun strikes dark soil, it heats up the earth and the air immediately above it. So, all I really needed (I decided) was a structure that would let in the rain and sun, shelter my plants from blasts of cold air and allow enough ventilation to prevent the molds, diseases, sour soil and moss so common to greenhouses. Of course, my invention also had to be inexpensive, easy-to-build, sturdy enough to stand up against strong winter winds, and able to coexist with the four-foot-wide, fertile beds that I’d religiously composted for five years.”

Read more: http://www.motherearthnews.com/organic-gardening/winter-vegetables-zmaz82jfzglo.aspx#ixzz2BJGOOOn6



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