October Meeting: TUESDAY 10-6-15 at 6:30 PM

In lieu of of Wednesday Meeting this month we invite you to attend a multi-group event that can change your life and support a sustainable lifestyle. Join us at the Evergreen Church 10118 249th Street East, Graham on TUESDAY 10-6-15 at 6:30 PM for…

Integrating Whole Grains Into Our Lifestyle

  • A multi-group event in conjunction with Baby Steps To Healthier Living, but it is a topic that is a favorite among many of our group in Self Reliant Community. Please note that it is not being held at our usual SRC meeting place, but where Baby Steps usually meets.

    Whole Grains! Most “experts” say we should eat more of them. Some say we should eat less of them. What do I say? I say that adding whole grains into my diet was the first step in my journey to lose 300 pounds, and that whole grains are a fundamental part of maintaining my weight loss.

    Come learn about the history of grains, and not only that, how the history of grains is the history of civilization itself.

    Come learn the health benefits of adding whole grains into your diet.

    Learn all about gluten. Is it a modern day devil as touted by many? Is it harmless and safe for all? Or is the truth somewhere in between? We will discuss the hysteria over gluten and put it in perspective. We will discuss gluten-free alternatives for the small percentage of people who actually have a problem with gluten.

    Learn how easy, inexpensive, and delicious it can be to integrate whole grains into your lifestyle.

    Learn the basics of making your own bread from whole grains.

    This event will be part classroom lecture, part hands on instruction, but it will be all fun!

    I will bring my cherished grain mill and anyone who wishes can take home some fresh milled organic wholemeal wheat flour to try at home.

    There will be opportunity to sample some examples of delicious whole grains, including Ray’s World Famous Multigrain Bread Rolls!

    See you there!

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