New up and coming…

We hope you enjoyed your holidays and are ready to begin a new year. The Self Reliant Community of Graham wants to kick start the year with new ideas and ways to help you. The SRC will continue to meet 6:30-8:30 the first Wednesday of each month at the Graham Fire Hall 23014 70th Ave E. We are looking for guest speakers on a wide variety of topics to meet your learning needs. When we don’t have guest speakers, our format is a “Bring what you know”. Our members have fabulous knowledge that when ignited by like-minded people can explode. Please join us each month for knowledge sharing and fun.

January 6              Alternative Recipes for Healing

What did the medicine men know? Essential Oils are the modern rage. Are there really alternatives to the pharmaceutical bottles? Bring copies of your favorite recipe to share so everyone goes home with a gift.

February 3            Seeds, Garden Planning, and Edible Landscaping

What works in our area? What creativity is in your garden? What techniques do you use? If you have them, bring pictures to show people your beautiful accomplishments.

March 2                Bees and Herbs

Healthy gardening requires good pollinators. How do we keep them?

April 6                    Hands-on Home repairs

A self-reliant person needs to be able to make small home repairs. This is becoming a lost art in our society. We will demonstrate a few electrical or plumbing techniques. Bring questions about something that you need to be fixed or knowledge on how you fixed something that adds to self-reliance.



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