August 3, 2016 Meeting

Solar Photovoltaic “PV” 100

This month’s meeting will be a presentation and discussion on how solar power can be an important piece of your self-reliance.  Since the dawn of time people have been reliant on the sun, using this resource for all sorts of things: keeping time, cultivating crops, heating water and space, and as of 1960’s – generating power!  Come hear a brief history on how solar has progressed over the last sixty years, what its applications are today and how you can incorporate it into your sustainable living.  The main focus of the presentation will be on grid-tied solar pv systems, off-grid pv systems, hybrid solar power pv systems, and how each of them can provide energy independence to a self-reliant home for decades to come.Solar

See you 6:30-8:30 on Wednesday August 3, 2016

at the Graham Fire Hall 23014 70th Ave E.

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