(Courtesy of Jerry W.)

Bee Information
For those of you that may be interested, and know about foundation, this is a very informative site.
I believe in natural cell size to reduce stress and disease, and after reading this, I think it may be worth looking into plain non extruded foundation.
The issue would be finding a resource or making your own. What do you think?
I am making triangled strips for everything I am building at the moment, and it is labor intensive. But it is believed to be the strongest for either the foundationless Lanstroth, Warre or Top Bar hives.

Jerry also sent additional information on Beekeeping. It is very complete-covering all types of hives.



*Organic Beekeeping*

Bee Unto Others (Dean & Ramona)

Bush Farms (Michael Bush)

Ecological Beekeeping (Joe Waggle)

*Top Bar Hives*

Backyard Hive (Corwin Bell)

Barefoot Beekeeper (BioBees)

Bee Source Alternative Hive Designs

Beetalk TBH Designs

Bee Wrangler (Dennis Murrell)

Beginning Beekeeping

CalKenyon TBH

Chris Norrick TTBH design

Corwin Bell & Kelly Simmons video

Custom Wood Kits (KTBH)

Darlington Long Deep Hive

Dave Robbins long hive design

Drawing of medium frame in KTBH

Four Magic Acres KTBH photos & video

Gold Star Honeybees (hives for sale)

Hirschbach Apiary

Michael Bush horizontal hive

Michael Bush TBH

Peter’s Top Bar Hive

Photos of WisBigCheese’s KTBH

Satterfield TBH

Sketchup Long Lang Hive

Thomas’s Top Bar Hive Design

Top Bar Bees

Yahoo Groups

Tried and True Wood Finish

Video of Sam Comfort’s TBH

Wikipedia TBH entry

*Listservs & Forums*


Bee Source Forums

Top Bar and Natural Beekeeping (Biobees)

Top Hive


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