From the Self Reliant Community of Graham.

Plant peas, pole beans, spinach, Asian greens, radishes, parsley, bulb onions and scallions. Middle of month you can transplant cabbage and broccoli seedlings that you started in the greenhouse or indoors.
St. Patrick’s Day is the traditional time to plant potatoes.

Plant everything above, plus beets, turnips, chard, kohlrabi, carrots, cabbage seeds, parsley, cauliflower, celery, and of course, potatoes. Transplant the onion seedlings and leeks from your greenhouse.

Plant perhaps another row of everything above, plus lettuce and start a “nursery bed” of winter leeks inside. Later in the month, plant snap beans and all your squashes. You can also plant basil, dill, dry beans, and corn. Now you can transplant tomato seedlings, celery and celeriac seedlings.

Plant cucumbers and summer squash, melons and lettuce, broccoli and brussel sprouts, (and everything above). Also you can transplant peppers and eggplant from the greenhouse if you like. Remember that if you plant another row.

Plant more lettuce, parsnips, carrots, summer beets, fall cauliflower, bush beans, scallions, and others above. Check your corn to see if it is “knee-high by the Fourth of July!”
During these hot days it is time to think of coming winter. Plant rutabagas, kale, winter beets, spinach, and over-wintering broccoli.

Plant endive, spinach, and loose-leaf lettuce. Also plant cauliflower and bulb onions to over-winter.

Plant endive, corn salad, garlic and shallots. Also you can plant field turnips to turn under in Spring for fertilizer (green manure).

Still planting! But now it is fava beans, field peas, or clover, just for the fertilizer value when you turn it in next spring. Don’t worry about carrots, potatoes, and other root crops. They will keep in the cold ground just fine, and you can pull out fresh food all winter.

November … Give thanks for the food you have grown yourself!


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